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Editor's Note

To learn how to deal with the present and move towards the future, one must look to the past and learn from it. From being the first Teachers’ Training College in 1950 to one of the top-ranked education colleges in the world, NIE has consistently kept in view the need to ensure teaching excellence though an emphasis on strong values, innovation and resilience. The NIE strategic vision, “A Future-Ready National Institute of Education, shared by Professor Christine Goh in her Director’s Address on 5 September 2019, affirms NIE continual commitment to educational leadership and service.

The theme of leadership is addressed in Associate Professor Hairon Salleh’s essay, Leadership in Disruptive Times, where he notes that leaders need to care, share and be fair. Leadership thus puts others first and oneself last. This form of leadership is demonstrated by the NIE recipients of this year’s NTU Alumni Award and Nanyang Young Alumni Award, individuals who have used their talents to serve in various fields, from teaching to politics and social services. | Read More |

Professor George Siemens, NIE’s 14th CJ Koh Professor, contributes to this issue by explaining how successful technology-enabled learning should create access to global networks and expertise. His theory of Connectivism is a powerful model of learning which brings people and ideas together. Warning against a one-size-fits-all view to technology, he suggests that technology should enable rather than disable individual connection to others. As we move towards increasing use of technologies for learning, we should heed his call to put learners and relationships first.

Finally, this issue gives thanks to members of the NIE community who have helped in one way or another to organise or support the many events in NIE’s 2019 calendar, including the Inaugural CTFest and Singapore History Day. We have not been able to include everything into the special pull-out section but certainly, NIE can only run because of the contribution of all faculty, staff and students doing their everyday jobs well.

As we draw to the end of the year, I hope you find many opportunities to encourage those you know with a word of thanks. I am personally thankful for my colleagues and friends who have supported my work at NIE, shared meals with me and encouraged me personally. To the NIEWS team, thank you for your good work in bringing the articles together and your patience in waiting for these editorials to come in.

Wishing all readers a blessed Christmas and New Year!

Assistant Professor, Loh Chin Ee