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Take Steps To Explore The Boundless Cosmos

Here’s a fun app that lets you walk your way to an astronomical adventure where you will discover new planets and space creatures.

You can walk or you can now Walkr. Dr Lin Yen-Chun, a lecturer from the Physical Education and Sports Science Academic Group, rediscovered the joy of walking with a cute pedometer gaming app called Walkr – Galaxy Adventure in Your Pocket.

“My friend recommended me to download the app,” Dr Lin said, “It was developed by a Taiwanese startup that excelled in building beautifully designed games to foster healthy habits and lifestyles. Besides Walkr for steps, there are Plant Nanny for hydration and Fortune City for personal finance. The app is free and can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play.”

Walkr records each step a user takes, and turn the steps into energy to recharge the spaceship. In order to power up her spaceship so that she can continue her adventure to discover new planets, Dr Lin will walk from her NTU apartment to the campus.

“What I like most about the app is its exquisite art design with cultural elements of planets, spaceships and satellites, interesting game play and sharing of walking energy with friends on the app. It is a great example of how we can use gamification to encourage healthy behaviours in people,” she added.

Download Walkr at, and while you are at it, don’t forget to take the National Steps Challenge where you can get a free colour display tracker. Sign up through the Healthy 365 App.