Editor's Note

There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things – Niccolo Machiavelli

Each director at NIE had, at different times in the short history of the institution, courageously taken on the challenges of leading NIE. The current achievements of NIE rest heavily on great men and women at the institution who have (and had) shouldered the heavy responsibilities of leadership. We pay tribute to these generous souls as we welcome our new Director, Prof Christine Goh, and her team. Prof Goh and her team have graciously taken on the duties of steering NIE towards fresh grounds at a time where Singapore’s educational landscape is on the cusp of change.

As a matter of fact, education is often a powerful tool to change the world. In this issue, we see students and staff taking the lead in making positive changes to the concepts of teaching and learning. Mr S. Rethinavel, a lecturer at VPA, discussed about the value of using drama pedagogy to facilitate both students’ learning as well as student teachers’ development. The same kinds of concerns for students, especially those with special needs, appeared in Assoc Prof Tan Ai-Girl’s (Early Childhood and Special Education) piece on the use of meta-lenses to empower special needs educators in their teaching for humanity. Students are also empowered through the cultivation of habits of mind. Assoc Prof Lee Ngan Hoe (Mathematics and Mathematics Education) believed that by using tools, such as problem wheel, and question prompts at an early stage, will help students be cognisant of their own thinking processes.

We hope the news and articles in this latest issue of NIEWS will inspire you to take on changes in your own lives.

Kehk Bee Lian

Professor Christine Goh Is New NIE Director

Professor Christine Goh will take over from teacher education stalwart, Professor Tan Oon Seng, as NIE Director on 1 July 2018. Professor Goh first joined NIE in 1994 and was Dean of...

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Advocating Talent Development And Impactful Research

A key imperative for the 21st century lies in developing talented individuals to tackle social and scientific problems, and determining appropriate opportunities to transform abilities into expertise...

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Celebrating 10 Years Of Building Educational Bridges

It is the 10th anniversary of the “Building Educational Bridges: Innovation for School Leaders” programme this year. A group of 20 school leaders from Singapore and the United Kingdom celebrated...

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Learning to See The World In A New Light

The biggest aspiration for fourth-year Geography major, Lim En Qi, is to be in a profession that allows her to pursue her passion. The Bachelor of Arts (Education) ...

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Making A Positive Difference Through Geography

Noah Zhang is a final-year Bachelor of Arts (Education) student under the NTU-NIE Teaching Scholars Programme, an accomplishment that did not stem from childhood ...

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Discovering The World Through Geography

Many of us know Dr Tricia Seow was the geography educator and researcher. Less obvious to students would be the senior lecturer’s active role in the geography fraternity...

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Developing Problem Solvers For The 21st Century

Using tools like the problem wheel, teachers can help students become better maths problem solvers by expressing their abstract thought processes in tangible forms...

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Metalens: A Technique for Good Teaching

Good teaching in the classroom goes beyond measuring learning outcomes through quizzes and paper-and-pencil tests. Itis premised on and sustained by the instructors’ deep...

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Drama Pedagogy and the Making of a Teacher

Like diamonds in the rough, teachers have to be honed and shaped in classrooms. A drama education opportunity reveals the value of interaction in learning for both students and teachers...

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This Is How We Do It

Author: Matt Lamothe

Have fun globe trotting with this book where children...

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Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Author: Eric Barker

“Have you been looking for success in all the wrong places?”...

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Soulful Simplicity

Author: Courtney Carver

Material possessions tend to make us forget the little things...

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The Difference Between Science And Science Education

View our interview with Associate Professor Tan Aik Ling from the Natural Sciences and Science Education Academic Group as she reminds us to be critical and informed consumers of the output of scientific investigations and discovery.

June 2018

  • 19 - 21 June 2018 – International Science Education Conference 2018

July 2018

  • 11 - 12 July 2018 – Teachers' Investiture Ceremony

August 2018

  • 8 August 2018 – National Day Observance Ceremony & Celebrations 2018


The Most Instagrammable Spots @ NIE

Nestled within NIE’s vast campus greenery are some of the most insta-worthy places for group photos and other #OOTD shots. We save you the legwork by putting students’ recommendations to the vote. So here you go: eight of the most instagrammable NIE hotspots. You’re welcome! #NIESocial

For Minimalists: The White Wall Outside UID

The textured white wall outside our Student Services Centre is a perfect spot for #OOTD days. Best for minimalist theme shots.

Tip: Enjoy free play on the look and feel of your photos by shooting from various angles.

For Those With OCD: Entrance of NIE

NIE’s main entrance features great symmetry for that OCD sweet spot – the way perfect pictures ought to be taken.

Tip: Position yourself in the centre of the frame and let the leading lines direct the viewers’ eye-line towards you.

Throwback To 1960s: The Art Gallery

This shady spot in the lush greenery beside the art gallery is a nod to 1960s retro chic.

Tip: Get your friends to dress in their 1960s finest for an added touch of glamour!

For An Industrial Vibe: Red Wall Outside The Art Gallery

Shipping containers are back in vogue! This corrugated wall outside the art gallery lends itself instantly to that industrial look.

Tip: Make it extra hip by shooting a side profile against this ultra-cool background!

For Those Who Like Convenience: Classroom Corridors

The clean and sleek corridors make a good backdrop for quick Instagram shots between classes.

Tip: Beware of photo bombers

For The Perfect Hangout: Low Wall At Block 5 Level 1

Block 5 is home to our Physical Education and Sport Science students, and the perfect spot for that seated graduation shot!

Tip: Watch your step when you’re perched on the edge of the wall!

For Nature Lovers: Heliconia Wall Near Tutorial Rooms

Unassuming corners, like this heliconia wall near tutorial rooms, can up the ante for group shots.

Tip: Bring a photo prop to elevate the fun factor!

For The Tourist In You: NIE Signage

What’s visiting NIE without having an iconic shot at our NIE landmark?

Tip: You might need a tripod for this shot!

GRAD Centre’s Peer Consultations Gain Traction

The NIE Graduate Research and Academic Development (GRAD) Centre has a peer consultation programme dedicated to improving the academic writing skills of postgraduate students ...

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Now Open: NIE Visitors Learning Centre

The NIE Visitors Learning Centre (NIEVLC) is a showcase of NIE’s contributions to the nation. It chronicles the making of a teacher education institute that has received global acclaim for its ...

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Kehk Bee Lian

Simple things in life give great pleasure to Bee Lian. Eating her favourite Bak Chor Mee, sipping Kopi O and reading the newspaper at a local coffeeshop are things...

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Adelin Toh

A self-confessed foodie, Adelin loves food and revels in cooking up a storm for her family and friends. A firm believer in the belief that every child can be a little gourmand, ...

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Tan Jiun Jia

A believer of the horoscope, Jiun Jia considers herself a typical Gemini who is fun-loving and fascinated about everything under the sun. With an explorer spirit, she...

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