Report Card / Designing Effective STEM Education For Girls

Congratulations to Associate Professor Teo Tang Wee, Co-Head of the Multi-centric Education, Research and Industry STEM Centre at NIE (meriSTEM@NIE), who recently published a chapter in the UNESCO book entitled “STEM Education for Girls and Women: Breaking Barriers and Exploring Gender Inequality in Asia”. STEM education refers to the teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

In Chapter 7 of the UNESCO publication, Associate Professor Teo discussed the findings of an international STEM programme implemented in Singapore schools. The programme had been designed to encourage more girls to pursue STEM education and careers. She examined the five theoretical constructs used in the programme, and provided insights on areas that the programme designers, instructors and school teachers can focus on to improve the effectiveness of STEM efforts. A total of eight recommendations were offered and six critical features of a successful STEM programme for girls were identified.

Read the chapter at here.