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Report Card
Inaugural International Practicum Summit
  • NIE Director Professor Christine Goh (centre) and the organising team welcoming the representatives from our partner universities.
  • Dean of Teacher Education, Professor Low Ee Ling (standing, eighth from right), with book authors and representatives from partner universities at the Launch of the “Inquiring Into Practice: Learning For Teaching, Learning From Teaching”.
  • At Qihua Primary School
  • At Jurong Secondary School

The inaugural International Practicum Summit organised by the Office of Teacher Education (OTE) was held from 1 to 2 August 2019. Participants included 12 representatives from our 10 partner universities, who were given the opportunity to network and share good teaching practices from their respective countries.

The programme started with a thought-provoking keynote address by Professor Lin Goodwin, Dean of Teacher Education, University of Hong Kong, entitled “Teacher Education and The Importance of A Global Mindset”. In addition, there were panel discussions for all participants to share ideas, explore the themes more deeply and address queries. | Read More |

In conjunction with the summit, the Professional Practice & Inquiry (PPI) book titled “Inquiring Into Practice: Learning For Teaching, Learning From Teaching” was launched by Professor Low Ee Ling, Dean of Teacher Education, on 1 August 2019.

The book showcases the journey of 19 student teachers at NIE, documenting their stories and reflections on the convergence of theory and practice during practicum. It also outlines the challenges that they had to face and overcome, as well as the growth that ensued.

These learning journeys are a testament to NIE’s endeavour in developing autonomous thinking teachers who take charge of their own learning and are self-driven in improving their own practices. Nine chapter authors attended the book launch and were presented with a copy of the book and a Letter of Appreciation.

The highlight of the summit was the visit to Qihua Primary School and Jurong Secondary School on 2 August 2019. The representatives from our partner universities returned from the school visits with positive feedback and valuable learning experiences.

Report Card