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It’s Time For Taiwan (And NTNU) Now!
  • Photo credit: NTNU
  • Wen Huei Hall, on the main campus, boosting over 90 years of history, is located right after the administration building, and is listed as a historical site in Taipei.
    Photo credit: Liu Hsuan-Lung
  • The iconic Taipei 101.
    Photo credit: Liu, Hsuan-Lung
  • Catch the spectacular sunrise in Taitung.
    Photo credit: Roc Y P Chen
  • Take a walk in the Salt Fields of Tainan.
    Photo credit: Roc Y P Chen

Founded in 1922, the National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), fondly known to the locals as 师大, is among Taiwan’s top institutions of higher education and an NTU partner university.

Steeped in tradition and renowned for innovation, NTNU’s commitment to the pursuit of academic excellence and strong character (诚正勤朴) is evident in the many influential scholars and researchers it has nurtured over the years. It has won numerous awards for its achievements, including the 43rd place in the 2019 QS World University Rankings in Education.

NTNU is internationally celebrated for its Mandarin Training Centre and its Library, which has the most extensive collection of educational books in Taiwan. The strategic location of its main campus in the cultural hub of Taipei City, has enabled the university to imbue and enrich its college experience with the arts and entertainment.

If you are visiting or studying at NTNU, don’t miss the opportunity to discover and indulge in Taiwan’s rich cultural heritage and tradition. Here are some itineraries to get you started.

  • Located in Xinyi District, TAIPEI 101 was the world’s tallest building when it opened in 2004, and it received a Platinum LEED rating to become the world’s tallest and largest green building in 2011. It has a multi-level shopping centre and an observatory on the 89th floor that boasts the best panoramic view of Taipei.
  • Eslite Bookstore (诚品24小时书店) provides innovative cultural services, and is the first local bookstore to stay open the whole year round.
  • The spectacular topographical landscapes, stunning mountains, and beautiful coastlines. You can enjoy the many parks and scenic areas that preserved Taiwan’s best natural ecological environment and cultural sites, such as Yangmingshan that is famous for its volcanic landscape, Taroko that is known for its sheer canyons and breathtaking Liwu River, and Kenting that is popular for its sunshine and tropical environment.
  • Participate in the various folk festivals, religious practices, traditional skills classes, local cuisines and modern arts to enjoy the endless cultural and artistic wonders offered by Taiwan’s 14 indigenous tribes.

NTNU has long been recognised as one of Taiwan’s elite institutions of higher education. NTNU not only boasts an active academic climate but also embraces cultural diversity. The internationally renowned Mandarin Training Center at NTNU draws around 1800 students from over 70 countries each quarter and in the summer with its distinguished language courses. NTNU and NIE have been in partnership for semester exchange and international practicum since 2013.