Excursion / Staying Positive During A Lockdown

We asked NIEWS readers to reveal their musings and favourite pastimes during the recent Circuit Breaker.

My family and I had been in a self-imposed lockdown for four months since February. Not allowed out, we kept each other entertained, and made time every day to greet our “friendly neighbour”, the Tembusu tree. We managed to survive without visiting the malls and libraries, or consuming our favourite snacks and beverages such as Ondeh Ondeh and Teh Halia, even during Hari Raya. Personally, Spotify and books took me on many restorative journeys without leaving our apartment!
Dr Angus Whitehead
Lecturer, English Language and Literature Academic Group

As Singapore took steps to pause the city in its battle against COVID-19, I had to quickly adapt to the changes while juggling my work and post-graduate studies, as well as my roles as a wife and a mother. I learned that slowing down can be meaningful. It was also a huge blessing in the end, as we were able to take our time celebrating my son’s second birthday at home.
Ms Malikka Begum
Research Associate, Centre for Research in Child Development

The recent Circuit Breaker was a very novel experience for everyone. Being locked at home was a little frustrating because it did not allow for much physical activity to take place. Hence, I incorporated 40 minutes of stretching and 30 minutes of exercise into my daily morning routine to maintain my physical fitness and stay healthy.
Ms Viviana Lee
Fourth-year student
Bachelor of Science (Education)