Curriculum, Teaching and Learning

Academic Group

  • Introduction

    The Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Academic Group, established in October 2007, is committed to developing curriculum leaders and teaching professionals who are leading curriculum change and innovation in various educational settings.

    The academic group is devoted to scholarship, inquiry and practice grounded in a deep understanding of epistemological and pedagogical issues so that curriculum design, innovation, implementation and evaluation is well-grounded and provides for diverse learner needs, demands of content and teaching processes, assessment for learning and the social purposes of education.

    Our Core Values

    Education is a moral enterprise. All educators, no matter which sector they are in, should commit to the achievement of a just and caring society, and facilitate holistic development and lifelong learning.

    We believe that all learners are unique. Educators should aspire to open minds to inquiry and imagination and bring out the best from the learners in all aspects.

    As scholars and teacher educators, we believe that our role is to engage educators in challenging assumptions, critically reflect and inquire with the aim of improving practice.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to work towards the advancement of quality education through research, teaching, and service to both local and global communities.

    The academic group is committed to developing curriculum leaders and teaching professionals who are effective in leading curriculum for the betterment of learners in various educational settings.

    CTL is devoted to quality scholarship, inquiry and practice to deepen the understanding of curriculum design, innovation, implementation and evaluation, and ultimately, improve the quality of schooling.

    Our Vision

    Leading Curriculum Change, Transforming Teaching and Learning

    Who Are We?

    We are a group from diverse backgrounds with expertise in curriculum, assessment, teaching and learning who believe in the theory and practice nexus. Through working collaboratively, we are committed to providing high quality programmes that are relevant and responsive to stakeholders. Our research aims to generate new knowledge, as well as impact policy and practice.


    Acting Head, Curriculum, Teaching
    and Learning

     CHEN Der Thanq Victor

    Associate Professor
    Victor Chen


    Assistant Head, Teaching

     Christina LIM-ARASARATNAM

    Dr Christina Lim-Ratnam


    Assistant Head, Research


    Associate Professor
    Sim Boon Yee Jasmine

    Assistant Head, Professional Development Programmes

    Dr Tay Hui Yong


  • Higher Degree Programmes

    The Curriculum, Teaching and Learning (CTL) Academic Group (AG) offers several higher degree programmes. Its flagship programme, the Master of Education (Curriculum and Teaching), is especially popular with those aspiring towards curriculum leadership in various educational settings.

    The joint Master of Arts in Leadership and Educational Change with Teachers College, Columbia University, New York aims to nurture a new generation of educational leaders for Singapore, the region and the larger international community.

    The Doctorate in Education (EdD) programme in Curriculum & Teaching emphasizes a research-practice nexus in curriculum, assessment, curriculum leadership, teaching and learning and other related areas.

    CTL also offers a PhD and MA by Research programme on part-time and full time bases. We are highly invested in the professional development of educatorsand offer a range of courses in curriculum, assessment and pedagogy.

    The following programmes are offered by CTL:

    • Master of Education (Curriculum & Teaching)
    • Master of Arts (Leadership and Educational Change)
    • PhD/Master of Arts by Research
    • Doctor In Education
    • Professional Development Courses

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