• This Curriculum and Teaching specialisation aims at facilitating the growth of experienced educators who are committed to developing advanced professional expertise in curriculum and teaching and will assume leadership roles in your educational settings. Specifically, the programme provides you with the foundational know-how and the theoretical underpinnings of the curriculum making process from design and implementation to evaluation, an informed and critical understanding about curriculum issues in the local and international contexts and an appreciation of your role and responsibilities as curriculum leaders.

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  • The Master of Arts in Leadership and Educational Change is an innovative new programme with a dual focus on organisational and curriculum leadership. Jointly taught by the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, the programme seeks to prepare a new generation of educational leaders for Singapore, the Asia-Pacific region and the larger international community. The programme provides opportunities to build new cross-national learning communities and fraternities steeped in both local and global perspectives. Specifically, the programme will help you:

    (a) appreciate the economic, cultural, and organisational contexts and tensions of interpreting and bringing about educational improvement and site-based curriculum development,

    (b) value critical perspectives, diversity and difference and be open to various theoretical stances and practical approaches in educational leadership,

    (c) understand the complexities and dynamics of transformational educational change, alongside necessary reforms to curriculum, pedagogy and assessment,

    (d) assess challenges to educational change and develop strategies to overcome them, and

    (e) plan, develop and implement educational improvement interventions and curricular innovations.

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    MALEC article in NIE News (March 2014 Issue): The Teachers College Experience in Singapore

    MALEC advertisement in the Straits Times. Application for January 2015 (3rd intake) opens from 17 March to 1 May 2014.

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  • Programme prepares scholars, researchers and educators for various roles in educational research and leadership positions in colleges and universities as well as in other educational institutions. Areas of research emphasis include:

    • curriculum policy and reform
    • curriculum development and implementation
    • curriculum leadership 
    • teaching and learning
    • assessment and evaluation
    • teacher learning and professional development
    • citizenship and comparative education.

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  • A Doctorate in Education with a specialization in Curriculum and Teaching is a programme designed for professionals in educational and education-related fields who are interested in experiencing an intimate appreciation of the research-practices nexus.

    The programme offers opportunities to explore (but not limited to) the following areas of inquiry:

    • policies in curriculum
    • programme development, implementation and evaluation
    • teaching and learning in formal and informal contexts
    • assessment and learning
    • instructional leadership
    • workplace professional development
    • any other related areas

    The programme aims to provide practitioners and leaders in education and education-related institutions a theoretical and empirical basis for analysing issues in practice, to enable enhancement of practice and solution of practice-based problems in the field.

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