English Language and Literature
Current Higher Degree by Research Students

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    Brigit Sebastian Reframing Literacy Engagement and Response to Poetry through Oracy Approaches A/P Suzanne Choo & Asst/P. Vahid Aryadoust
    Chen Lang Use of Knowledge Markers in Research Articles  A/P Nguyen Minh & Asst/P. Clarence Green

    Chen Yixiong

    Approaching Critical Analysis Of Persuasion in Advertisement: The Grammar For Visual Design And Beyond

    A/P Csilla Weninger

    Cheng Choon Peng

    Use of Spoken Language in Academic Oral Presentation Among Science/Engineering Students

    Prof. Christine Goh

    Choo Li Lin

    A Cross-Disciplinary And Cross Genre Study Of Engagement in Research Articles and Textbooks

    A/P Csilla Weninger

    Cui Ruiguo

    Developing Students' Critical Thinking In A Chinese EFL Classroom

    A/P Peter Teo

    Galyna Kogut

    Meaning Making And Development Of Understanding In An English Language Classroom: Dialogic Imagination Or Monologic Reality?

    A/P Rita Silver

    Irwan Shah Shahruddin

    An Acoustic Investigation Of Segmentals And Rhythm In Philippine English

    Prof. Low Ee Ling

    Jiang Jingxin The Use of Metadiscourse and Visuals in TED Talks Asst/P. Victor Lim 
    Ken Mizusawa Using Ensemble Theatre to facilitate Twenty-First Century Drama Literacy in the Literature Classroom A/P Suzanne Choo

    Leong Mingjian, Edmen

    Reading Motivation: Strategies For Learners With Dyslexia

    Asst/P. Loh Chin Ee

    Liew Pei Li

    Cosmopolitan Pedagogies For The 21st Century Literature Classroom

    Asst/P. Suzanne Choo
    Liu Yanhua Legitimization of knowledge and knowers in academic speech genre: A cross disciplinary perspective A/P Ramona Tang & Asst/P. Victor Lim

    Ong Po Keng Fiona

    Rhythmic Patterning In Speech: An Investigation Of Its Acoustic And Perceptual Correlates

    Prof. Low Ee Ling

    Pavel Adamek

    A Comparative Study Of Research Papers In Earth And Biological Sciences Written By Students And Proficient Writers

    A/P Csilla Weninger & Dr. Guo Libo


    Sun Xiaoya

    Linguistic Mediation In Chinese Science Academics' Scholarly Publication In English

    A/P Cheung Yin Ling

    Wong Yin Ling, Angelia (Huang  Yanlin) Exploring Hybridity in Everyday Language Use: The Singaporean Complex A/P Viniti Vaish
     Wu Ying  Conversation as a tool for Co-Constructing Subject Based Networked Learning Communities: A Case Study of Teachers in Singapore  A/P Rita Silver
     Xie Chaoqun Multimodal Self-Promotion in Cyberspace: A Comparative Study of American and Chinese Universities. A/P Peter Teo
     Yang, Rong

    An Acoustic Study of Segmentals and Suprasegmentals of English in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou

    Prof. Low Ee Ling
    Zhang Hui Multilingual Landscape in Singapore Chinatown: Language Attitudes and Perceptions of the "Walkers" A/P Cheung Yin Ling and
    Dr Mark Fifer Seilhamer
    Zhang Weiyu Multiple Profiles of Voice in Published Articles: A Corpus-based Comparative Study of Disciplinary Writing Practices A/P Cheung Yin Ling
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    Ang Huei Minn

    Teaching And Teacher Identity: A Multimodal Discourse Analysis Of Teaching Advertisements In Singapore

    A/P Peter Teo and A/P Nguyen Minh

    Chan Swee  Yin Adeline

    Implementation Of English Language Portals In Singapore Secondary Schools: Impact On English Language Curriculum And Teaching Practices

    Dr Mary Ellis & Dr. Anitha Devi Pillai

    Gde Buana Sandila Putra Understanding Students' Language Competence In Navigating In The Sciences  A/P Viniti Vaish
    Samuel Ong Junjie Inter-Ethnic Vowel Comparison In Singapore English

    Prof. Low Ee Ling