Bai Shu Ming

PhD Candidate

Office Location

  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) (First Class) - Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore
  • Teaching Assistant at National Institute of Education (NIE), Academic Group of English Language and Literature (ELL): Jan 2016 - Present Nanyang President Scholar Research Award for 2012, 2013 and 2014 Thesis Highly Commended at Global Undergraduate Awards Summit 2014 Nanyang President Graduate Scholarship: Aug 2014 - Present 2016 Australasian Humor Studies Network (AHSN) Conference Grant 2016 ASEAN Young Scholars (AYS) Workshop Grant

  • Humor, Rhetoric, Creativity. Multimodality in oral storytelling performances, Study of narratives.
  • Laughter as an embodied social communication to Analyze Humor in Rhetoric: A Study of the Rhetorical Humor in the Winning Toastmasters' Speeches.
  • Bai, S. (2016). Laughter as an embodied social communication for humor-rhetoric analysis: A case study of the 2012 to 2015 World Championship winning Toastmasters speeches. Paper presented at the 28th International Humor Conference of the International Society of Humor Studies: Humor as Embodied Practice, Jun 27 - Jul 1, Dublin, Ireland. Bai, S. (2016). A rhetoric perspective of laughter in Toastmasters public-speaking. Paper presented at the 17th Biennial Rhetoric Society of America Conference: Rhetoric and Change, May 26 - 29, Atlanta, GA. Bai, S. (2016). Singapore-based satirical humour: Interpretative analysis of satire news from Paper presented at the 22nd Australasian Humour Studies Network Conference, Unfunny: The Limits of Humour, Feb 6 - 8, Sydney, Australia. Bai, S. (2015). Investigating humor as rhetoric in the winning Toastmasters’ speeches. Paper presented at the 4th NIE Graduate Student Day: Learning Differently, Leading Change, Oct 31, National Institute of Education, Singapore. Bai, S. (2015). How do popular internet memes subvert dominant media messages: A case context of Singapore's 2014 anti-gambling campaign. Paper presented at the 6th NIEELL Postgraduate Conference on Language, Literature and Education, Aug 28, National Institute of Education, Singapore. Bai, S. (2015). Toward a more nuanced understanding of personality and humor. Paper presented at the 15th International Summer School and Symposium on Humour and Laughter: Theory, Research and Applications, Jul 13 - 18, Saint Petersburg, Russia. Bai, S. (2015). Humor in Toastmasters public speeches: The role of humor styles. Paper presented at the 27th International Humor Conference of the International Society of Humor Studies, Jun 29 - Jul 3, Oakland, CA. Bai, S. & Qu, L. (2014). Problem-solving approach, thinking styles and creativity. Paper presented at the 11th International Centre for Innovation in Education Conference, July 7 - 10, Paris, France. Bai, S., Qu, L., & Tan, C. S. (2013). Developing a new assessment of creativity: A pilot study. Paper presented at the Marconi Institute for Creativity Conference, Sep 29 - Oct 1, Bologna, Italy. Book of Abstracts for MIC Conference 2013, 95-97. Bai, S., Tan, C. S. & Qu, L. (2013). Measuring creativity in Singaporean young adults. Paper presented at the 3rd Conference on Psychology and Social Harmony, May 24 - 26, Beijing, China. Proceedings of CPSH 2013, 63-66.