Chen Yixiong



PhD Candidate



  Supervisor: Asst.P Csilla Weninger
  • 2011
    MA of Applied Linguistics, NIE, Nanyang Technological University.
    PGDELT, NIE, Nanyang Technological University.
    MA of Applied Linguistics and Linguistics, Beijing Normal University.
  • I had taught in Southwest University of Science and Technology (PRC) for 9 years before I began my Phd study at NIE. At the University, I have taught undergraduate courses in Linguistics (Introduction to Linguistics), Media Literacy (Selective Reading of British and American News), and Cultural Studies (Cultural Survey of English Speaking Countries). And at the postgraduate level, I taught courses on Language Testing, and Academic Writing and Reading.

  • I am fascinated by language use in social context. So much of my earlier research focuses on Sociolinguistics and related issues. Much of my current research examines the constitutive dimensions of discourse though close analysis of text and interaction. I work from a long-established assumption that discourse is a social practice shaped by and constitutive of social existence. My research therefore investigates forms and media of social interaction as sites of social control and sites of resistance, relying on Critical Discourse Analysis as analytic framework.
  • My Phd research is on critical analysis of visual persuasion in advertising. Feeling inefficiencies in current methods for multimodal CDA research, I am working to bring interdisciplinary scholarships on visual analysis for a conversation, and from this conversation, hopefully I could formulate a method addressing my research question better.
  • Papers
    Chen, Yixiong (2006). Gender Differences in Synchronous Computer Mediated (SCM) Discourse Revisited [In Chinese], Journal of Chinese Sociolinguistics, 2 (2), 141-149. Chen, Yixiong (2014). Theater of Identity: The Removalists in the Construction of Australian National Identify [In Chinese], Foreign Language and Literature, 30 (4), 50-53.
    Conference Presentations
    Chen, Yixiong (2016). Approaching Critical Analysis of Visual Persuasion in Advertising: Grammar of Visual Design and beyond. Graduate Student Conference, October 15, 2016, National Institute of Education, Singapore. Chen, Yixiong (2014). Argumentation through Critical Reading of English Newspapers: Classroom Practices in a Chinese University, International Science Education Conference 2014, National Institute of Education, Singapore.Chen, Yixiong (2014). Recontextualizing for a better world: Recontextualization of international news on Chinese media and social construction of reality among the viewers. The 5th International Conference Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis across Disciplines (CADAAD), ELTE (Loránd Eötvös University) in Budapest, Hungary, 1-3 September 2014.