Putra Sandila        

    Gde Buana Sandila Putra


    MA (Research) Student

            Email: gde.putra@nie.edu.sg   Office Location
    Supervisor: A/P Vaish Viniti         Office Number

  • 2013
    Bachelor of Science (Chemistry with Minor in English Language) National University of Singapore
  • Science Instructor at Whizz Kidz (2013) Assistant Teacher at Japanese Language and Cultural Heritage School (2013 - 2015) Research Assistant at National Institute of Education (2013 - present)
  • Disciplinary literacy, language use in science subject
  • Understanding the role of language proficiency of bilingual/biliterate students in comprehending science texts in Singapore
  • Book chapter: Tang, K.-S., Ho, C., & Putra, G. B. S. (2016). Developing multimodal communication competencies: A case of disciplinary literacy focus in Singapore. In B. Hand, M. McDermott, & V. Prain (Eds.), Using Multimodal Representations to Support Learning in the Science Classroom (pp. 135–158). Springer International Publishing. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-16450-2_8 Journal article: Putra, G. B. S., & Tang, K.-S. (2016). Disciplinary literacy instructions on writing scientific explanations: a case study from a chemistry classroom in an all-girls school. Chemistry Education Research and Practice, 17(3), 569–579. doi:10.1039/C6RP00022C Conferences: Putra, G.B.S. & Tang, K.-S. (2015). Learning the scientists’ way: Towards a disciplinary literacy pedagogical framework. Paper presented at Redesigning Pedagogy International Conference 2015, Singapore. Putra, G.B.S. & Tang, K.-S. (2015). Impact of explicit disciplinary literacy instruction on students’ written scientific explanations. Poster presented at American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting 2015, Chicago, USA. Putra, G.B.S. & Tang, K.-S. (2015). Building students’ written scientific explanations through explicit disciplinary literacy instruction. Paper presented at National Association for Research in Science Teaching Annual Conference 2015, Chicago, USA. Putra, G.B.S., Oh, S.K., & Tang, K.-S. (2014). Scaffolding scientific writing through disciplinary literacy instruction. Paper presented at International Science Education Conference 2014, Singapore. Tang, K.-S., Lao, Z.Q.Z., Putra, G.B.S., & Lee, J.Y. (2014). How is disciplinary literacy taught in the science classrooms? Poster presented at International Science Education Conference 2014, Singapore.