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Matthew Wallace


 Email: mpw2121@gmail.com
 Prof. Christine Goh


  • 2017 (Expected)
    PhD in Applied Linguistics, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University
    MA TESOL, Teachers College, Columbia University
  • TA for MA in Applied Linguistics, English for Academic Purposes, Senior High School EFL Curriculum Designer
  • L2-listening comprehension
    Cognition and language learning
    Language assessment
    Quantitative research methods
  • L2-listening comprehension: Which cognitive factors are most important?
  • Goh, C.C.M., & Wallace, M.P. (forthcoming). Lexical segmentation in listening. In The TESOL encyclopedia of English language teaching (tentative title).
    Shintani, N., & Wallace, M.P. (2014). The effectiveness of listening support on L2 learners’ L2 listening comprehension ability: A meta-analysis. English Teaching and Learning, 38(3), 73-103. doi: 10.6330
    Underwood, P., & Wallace, M. (2012). The effects of instruction in reduced forms on the performance of low-proficiency EFL university students. Asian EFL Journal, 14(4), 1-24.