Master of Education (MEd) in English
From August 2017 intake onwards

The Master of Education (English) programme aims to equip teachers with a repertoire of critical, aesthetic, cultural, and multimodal literacies in relation to English Education.

Teachers complete two required specialisation courses that examine the interdisciplinary connections between English Language and English Literature education and apply sociocultural, linguistic, and literary theories to the critical reading of texts.

Additionally, the programme offers teachers the flexibility of selecting from a range of specialisation elective courses in the teaching of English Language or the teaching of English Literature or both. Teachers can pursue and build upon their interests in topics related to teaching grammar and writing, multimodality, world literatures, and creative writing among others. Teachers will also acquire critical inquiry and action-research skills and apply them to the investigation of a specific issue related to the teaching of English.

[Effective from August 2017 intake]

The coursework for the MEd English Programme is as follows:

  1. Students on the coursework route complete: 1 core course + 2 Required specialization courses + 3 Specialization courses + 1 open elective & MED902 Integrative Project
  2. Students on the dissertation route complete: 1 core course + 2 Required specialization courses + 2 Specialization courses + 1 open elective & dissertation
The following is the detailed list of courses students have to complete:
Core Course (Complete 1)
 MED900: Educational Inquiry
Required Specialisation Courses (Complete 2)
 MEL 901: Language and Literature Education
 MEL 902: Analyzing Literature and Language
Specialisation Elective Courses 

(Complete 3 for Coursework Route or 2 for Dissertation Route)

  • MEL 911:English as an International Language
  • MEL 913: Materials Design and Development
  • MEL 914: Teaching Oral Communication: Current Theories and Approaches
  • MEL 915: Language Assessment in the Classroom and Beyond
  • MEL 917: Teaching Grammar and Writing
  • MEL 918: Reading in a Multimodal Age
  • MEL 919: Popular Culture
  • MEL 920: Creative Writing in the Classroom
  • MEL 921: Literature, Culture and Education
  • MEL 922: Teaching Shakespeare
  • MEL 923: Literary Theory and Teaching
  • MEL 924: World Literatures
  • MEL 925: Literature and Film
  • MEL 926: Young Adult Literature in the English Classroom
  • MEL 928:Children's Literature for the English Classroom

Note: Specialisation Elective Courses are offered subject to demand and availability of faculty expertise.  Hence, not all specialisation courses are available for selection to every intake.

Open Elective Courses (Complete 1)

  • Other than the core and specialisation courses, you may select open elective courses offered across all NIE Master Degree programmes. The offer of electives is reviewed regularly to reflect developments in education and the respective fields. You are advised to take note of the prerequisites (if any) before registering.

Plus Project or Dissertation (Choose 1)

  • Complete either MED902 Integrative Project or Dissertation

Please note:

  • Programme structure is subject to changes
  • For matriculated students: Please refer to the ISAAC system for the programme structure relevant to your intake during Course Registration or consult your programme leader if you need clarifications.

Detailed course description:

Refer to our course descriptions for details about each course. 

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Administrative Enquiries

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