Master of Education (MEd) in English Language
Up to January 2017 intake

The English Language specialisation focuses on cognitive and social processes of language learning, teaching methodology and learning materials. There is a strong emphasis on literacy and oral communication skills development within the language curriculum. It is specially designed for language education professionals who may not have adequate knowledge and skills for postgraduate studies in the field of linguistics.

Participants will be encouraged to build upon their teaching experiences and pursue special areas of interest in an in-depth manner. They will also learn critical inquiry and action-research skills and apply these to relevant language education problems.


This specialisation focuses on processes of language learning, teaching methodology and issues pertaining to language education research. You will be encouraged to build upon your teaching experience via pursuing special and related areas of interest in an in-depth manner. You will also learn critical inquiry and action-research skills and apply these to language education problems, thus building a strong foundation for your understanding and practice of English Language education.

Entry Requirements

  • A good Bachelor’s degree from a recognised university
  • A teaching qualification such as the Postgraduate Diploma in Education and at least one year of teaching experience or At least three years of teaching experience or other relevant working experience in education
  •  You must be currently teaching English


The coursework for this specialisation comprises 2 core courses, 4 required specialisation courses, 1 specialisation elective course, 1 open elective course plus either:

  • a dissertation or
  • two additional courses (one open elective and MMM 800 Critical Inquiry)

MMM 800 Critical Inquiry is open only for applicants pursuing the degree totally by coursework, and can be taken only on completion of eight courses.

Core Courses

  • MED 871 Educational Inquiry I
  • MED 872 Educational Inquiry II

Required Specialisation Courses

  • MEL 810 English Language Teaching Approaches
  • MEL 811 Developing Competence in Writing and Grammar
  • MEL 812 Developing Reading Competence and Vocabulary 
  • MEL 813 Developing Competence in Listening and Speaking

Specialisation Elective Courses (Choose any 1 course)

  • MEL814 Language Testing
  • MAE801 Discourse Studies
  • MAE802 Language Acquisition Studies
  • MAE803 Language Curriculum Development
  • MAE804 Sociolinguistic Perspectives on the Classroom
  • MAE805 Classroom Discourse Analysis
  • MAE806 Language Across the Curriculum
  • MAE807 Language Teacher Education
  • MAE808 Literature and Language Education
  • MAE809 Oracy Development and Research
  • MAE810 Research in Teaching Written Discourse
  • MAE811 Second Language Classroom Learning
  • MAE812 Using ICT in the Language Classroom
  • MAE813 Critical Language Awareness
  • MAE814 Culture and Conventions of Academic Writing
  • MAE815 Corpora in Applied Linguistics
  • MAE816 Digital Literacy
  • MAE817 English as an International Language
  • MAE819 Reading Across the Media: Contemporary Approaches
  • MAE820 Systemic Functional Linguistics
  • MAE821 Theory and Research in Literacy Education
  • MAE822 Translation
  • MAE823 Topics In Phonetics And Phonology
  • MAE824 Topics in Pragmatics
  • MAE825 Cultural Perspectives on the Language Classroom
  • MAE826 English for Specific Purpose
  • MAE829 Materials Design and Development
  • MAE830 Media Resources in ELT
  • MAE831 Critical Literacy: Theory into Practice in the Language Classroom
  • MAE832 The History and Practice of Reading

Not all these courses will be offered every semester. Please check for prerequisites.

Open Elective Courses (Choose any 1 course)

Other than the core and specialisation courses, you may select open elective courses offered across all NIE Master Degree programmes. The offer of electives is reviewed regularly to reflect developments in education and the respective fields. You are advised to take note of the prerequisites (if any) before registering.

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