BA/BSc (Ed) English Language

  • We use the English language every day, in a multitude of different contexts and for a variety of different purposes. Our thoughts, perceptions, understandings, and participation in this world are constantly being shaped and filtered through language, as we use it to make sense of reality, record and remember significant events, enact social transactions, and communicate our thoughts and feelings. The study of language, or linguistics, therefore, goes to the very heart of human experience.

    BA(Ed) / BSc(Ed) students who choose English Language as their Academic Subject will join an exciting and rigorous programme of study that is designed to offer a solid foundation in the field of applied linguistics and English Language pedagogy.

    Programme overview

    The BA(Ed) / BSc(Ed) programme comprises 9 areas of study:

    1. Academic Subject (AS) courses
    2. Curriculum Studies (CS) courses
    3. Subject Knowledge (SK) courses
    4. General Elective (GE) courses
    5. Essential Course (EC)
    6. Language Enhancement and Academic Discourse Skills (LEADS) courses
    7. Education Studies (ES) courses
    8. Group Endeavours in Service Learning (GESL)
    9. Practicum
    More information on the Academic Subject (AS), Curriculum Studies (CS), and Subject Knowledge (SK) courses that will be taken by BA (Ed) / BSc (Ed) students specialising in English Language is available here.

      What our students say:

      “NIE has given me a fantastic opportunity to study the history, present status and future of the world's most popular language of English, delve into its mechanics and scrutinize how the people who speak it use it for their own purposes. The exemplary dedication and wealth of knowledge shown by the tutors in the English BA course will stand me in good stead in my teaching career and even beyond. English is the language of the world, and learning everything about it in NIE is one of the most valuable experiences I will ever get.”

      Chan Zhi Yang, BA(Ed) English Language 

      “NIE as an institute of distinction and teaching excellence certainly delivers, and ELL lives up to this billing. As an English major, I have enjoyed my learning here under the tutelage of passionate lecturers of English Language and Literature. Their engagement of multidisciplinary approaches exposes us to the very nuances that makes English Language and Literature the beautiful body of learning that it is, and more crucially, arms us with the very knowledge, skills and dispositions to pay the learning forward to the children who will eventually pass through our hands to become truly literate individuals.”

      Bryan Goh, BA(Ed) English Language

      “NIE has given me a holistic approach towards learning English. Its practical curriculum links to the theories, making English a living language. More importantly, NIE shapes and sharpens my critical thinking which prepares me to be adaptable and relevant in this world.”

      Cecilia Lee, BA(Ed) English Language

      Contact Information

      Academic BA/BSc (Ed) English Language Programme Leader

      Dr. Loh Kok Khiang Jason


      6790 3454 
      Administrative Enquiries

      Zabrinah Bte Zaini

      Email: zabrinah.zaini@nie.edu.sg

      Tel: 6790 3390