Creative Work (Student Writing)


AAE 446 Special Topics in Language & Education

These are adjudged the best stories from the creative writing course, AAE 446, offered to 3rd- and 4th-year English Language majors in Jan 2015. The final project for the course was a portfolio of 3 short stories from each student—what is presented below is the result of writing and re-writing, process being a key consideration. These six stories are from Nur Diyana bte Johah, Alexandra Goh, Shanice Lim, Renaa Bhai d/o V. Visvanathan, Nur Shilah bte. J. Faisal, and Hilda Yeoh.

The 3 judges, Drs Sally Ann Jones, Marlar Lwin and Angelia Poon, have named Hilda Yeoh's "The Man Who Can't be Moved" as the best story. The winner and the other 5 writers here all received book vouchers.