BA/BSc (Ed) English Literature

Literature piques the imagination and kindles a love of good writing by opening up exciting new worlds for exploration, learning, and critical inquiry. In NIE, students who choose to study Literature are encouraged to read widely, debate ideas, develop analytical skills, and understand the specific historical and sociocultural contexts of literary works through the close and careful study of canonical and non-traditional texts.

Literature students learn to train a critical eye on fundamental areas of human experience as well as pressing global issues confronting us today, while cultivating an open, cosmopolitan, and intellectually curious disposition. We invite you to join a stimulating and rigorous programme that uniquely offers you a firm grounding not only in Literature but also in Literature education so that you may inspire the next generation of readers as a Literature teacher.

There are 2 tracks in the BA/BSc (Ed) Programme (English Literature):

BA/BSc (Ed) Primary and Secondary;

The BA/BSc (Ed) programme comprises the following areas of study.

  1. Academic Subjects (AS):
  2. Curriculum Studies (CS)
  3. Subject Knowledge (SK)
  4. Language Enhancement and Academic Discourse (LEADs)
  5. Essential Course (EC)
  6. General Elective (GE)
  7. Education Studies (ES)
  8. Group Endeavours in Service Learning (GESL)
  9. Practicum
  BA/BSc (Ed) (Literature) Programme Leader

A/P. Poon Mui Cheng Angelia

Email: angelia.poon@nie.edu.sg

Tel: 6790 3432

  Administrative Enquiries

Zabrinah Bte Zaini

Email: zabrinah.zaini@nie.edu.sg

Tel: 6790 3390

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