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Diploma in Education (DipEd)

The Diploma in Education Programme for English Language is a two-year full-time programme which focuses on preparing student teachers with the knowledge, skills and values to teach English Language at the primary levels.

The programme includes courses in the following areas of study:

  • Curriculum Studies (CS)
  • Subject Knowledge (SK)
  • Language Enhancement and Academic Discourse Skills (LEADS)
  • Certificate in English Language Studies (CELS)

CS courses are designed to equip student teachers with the instructional skills, processes and strategies for teaching reading, writing, listening, speaking, spelling, vocabulary development, grammar, viewing and representing. Student teachers are taught how to plan classroom-ready lessons and use ICT for English Language learning. These courses also focus on interpreting and translating the 2010 MOE English Language Syllabus for use in primary classrooms.

SK courses focus on providing student teachers with the subject knowledge essential for the teaching of grammar. Knowledge of the language and structure of different texts types as specified in the 2010 MOE English Language Syllabus is included in these courses.

LEADS courses equip student teachers with the thinking and language skills to produce appropriate texts. They introduce student teachers to audience-awareness and culture-sensitive strategies for effective oral and written communication in school contexts. In addition, the courses provide student teachers with the oral and written skills necessary to communicate effectively in the classroom and in their professional interaction with pupils, colleagues, parents and the general public.

There are two kinds of CELS courses in the Diploma Programme. Content enhancement courses introduce student teachers to the study of language, the pedagogical grammar of English and to the world of children’s literature. Language enhancement courses are aimed at introducing student teachers to the principles of effective oral and written communication particularly in and through digital media as used by schools.

Programme Structure

For an overview of the programme structure, course listings and course descriptions, click herepdf-thumbnail

Enquiries & Contact

Academic Enquiries:
Dr. Jo-Ann Netto Shek 
Email: joann.shek@nie.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 3585

Administrative Enquiries: 
Zabrinah Binte Zaini
Email: zabrinah.zaini@nie.edu.sg
Tel: 6790 3390