Minor in English Language

Offered by the English Language and Literature Academic Group, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, from January 2020 onwards

The study of language is central to the human experience. Our perceptions, understandings, and participation in this world are constantly being shaped and filtered through language, as we use it to make sense of reality, record and remember significant events, enact social transactions, and communicate our thoughts and feelings. A Minor in English Language will provide students with the opportunity to develop understandings and skills that will prove valuable to them as citizens and social actors in 21st century society.


The Minor in English Language requires the completion of 5 courses of 3 AU each. There is one compulsory course. Students choose four other courses to complete from a list of six.


More information about the courses offered is available here.


For academic enquiries about this minor, please contact Dr Jason Loh at jason.loh@nie.edu.sg