Commemoration of the PGDELT Programme

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 Huang Shu    Huang Shu 

My PGDELT journey was both challenging and rewarding. While there was indeed pressure to cope with the demanding requirements of the one-year programme, the rigorous training has equipped me with the necessary knowledge and skills to continue with my life-long professional development journey. Thanks to my NIE professors who have helped me the other PGDELT students become more competent teachers and researchers.

(2014 - 2015)
 Xie Chaoqun small     Xie Chaoqun 

It was the PGDELT programme that led me to the realm of applied linguistics. The instructors’ excellence in research and commitment to teaching have always inspired me to forge ahead in the pursuit of knowledge and research expertise in the field.  

(2012 - 2013)

Wang Li
    Wang Li 
"The PGDELT programme has not only sparked my interests in the academic world, but also guided me the path to be an independent researcher. I am especially grateful to my MA supervisor, Dr. Willy Renandya, whose patient support and professional guidance have given me unswerving confidence to continue in academia."
Wang Li (2008 and 2010)
 Zheng Yao     Zheng Yao

In the PGDELT program, I have made friends with those excellent teachers from other parts of China and been taught by those nice teachers in NIE who have guided me through the study.
Zheng Yao (2014 and 2015)
 Ao Ran  

     Ao Ran

The PGDELT experience marked an important milestone in my life by awakening my passion for applied linguistics. That passion could have lain dormant otherwise.

 Cao Feng Cao Feng

The PGDELT programme has changed my life. I enjoy the year spent at NIE very much. The close bonding and lifelong friendship between me and my PGDELT friends have become a part of my most cherished memories of the programme.  (2007/2008)
 Lawrence  Lawrence Zhang

The PGDELT programme has opened a new window for my career advancement. Without it, I would not have had the wonderful opportunity of becoming the very first PhD student in Applied Linguistics at NIE supervised by Dr Christina Hvitfeldt and Dr Rita Skuja-Steele, both of whom have exerted a tremendous influence on my academic and professional life after graduation.   


I feel honoured to have been taught by Dr Christina Hvitfeldt,  Miss Ivy Soh, Dr Oliver Seet, Dr Shirley Lim, Dr Phyllis Chew, Dr Bikram Das, Mr Goh Su Tian, Dr Gloria Porjopordamo, Dr Gopinathan, and Dr Chen Ai-Yen on the PGDELT Programme. (1995 - 1996)

 wang guihua  

Wang Gui Hua

The PGDELT programme helped me to keep abreast with cutting-edge language teaching theories and skills. I am forever grateful to the Singapore and Chinese governments for the scholarship award, which enabled me to learn from renowned L2 professors at NIE. During the programme, I made friends with other fellow graduate students, many of whom have now become best friends.

(2010 - 2011)

 Tianmin  Tian Min

I owe a lot to the PGDELT programme. Most importantly, the teaching and research expertise I learnt in the programme has helped me to better reflect on my research and teaching and gradually form a critically pragmatic attitude about it.  

(2007 - 2008)
 HG  Hu Guangwei

I have a deep and lasting relationship with the PGDELT program. I was a student in the program in 1994/5 and have been teaching GLT300 Research Methods and GLT425 Language Acquisition every year since 2005. Besides, many of my past and current Master’s and PhD students are also PGDELT graduates. This excellent program initiated me into the discipline of applied linguistics and has had a profound influence on my academic career. I’m proud of being a PGDELTer!

(1994 - 1995)
   Bai Lifang

"The PGDELT programme has allowed me to formulate a global view about language, to meet my lifelong guide, to know who I am and to find my directions for challenging but thrilling exploration."