TLDC Workshops

Members of TLDC staff regularly conduct workshops for schools and other institutions.

Recent workshops have been in the following areas:


Enhancing grammar content knowledge in line with the MOE EL Syllabus. 

Making links between grammar and writing in the EL classroom. 


Pronunciation and integrating work on pronunciation into lessons (for EL teachers and teachers of other disciplines).

Giving Feedback on Writing

Effective feedback and giving feedback on students’ writing.

Research and Information Literacy

Dealing with aspects of Research and Information Literacy necessary for Project work and similar assignments.

Supporting Students in Research

Workshops for teachers on facilitating student-led research projects.

Multi-media and Digitally Enabled Learning

Incorporating multimedia task-based projects, ICT and collaborative tools into teaching to support the development of language skills.

Sharing sessions on digital storytelling and online journalism as examples of multimedia task-based projects.

Course Design and Development

Planning courses tailored to the needs of specific groups of learners.