Bachelor of Arts (Social Studies)

Category/ Subject Course Code Title No of AUs
Year 1 AAL10B Identities in a Diverse World 3
AAL10C Singapore Studies 3
Year 3 ACL32A Inquiry-based Learning in Social Studies 3
Year 4 ACL42A Assessment and Reflective Teaching in Social Studies 3


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Course Synopses


AAL10B Identities in a Diverse World

This course aims to provide student teachers with grounding in different aspects of living in a diverse world, with specific focus on the issue of identity / identities. As societies become increasingly diverse due to globalisation and migration, the conditions, factors and experiences that go towards shaping an individual’s personal, local, national, regional and international identities are thus crucial in providing individuals with the ability to negotiate within such diversity. This course will thus examine how identities are formed and molded through culture, heritage, migration, prejudices and stereotypes, state policies of integration and assimilation in the national, regional and global context.

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AAL10C Singapore Studies

Using multiple and cross-disciplinary lenses, this course examines critical issues in Singapore’s development as a society and nation-state. The course will utilise a range of approaches and methods to analyse popular culture texts, new media and technologies, and other cultural artefacts as well as historical and public policy sources to investigate issues, debates, and controversies central to understanding Singapore’s past, present and future. Student teachers will critically examine policy issues, debates over Singapore’s history and future, and current controversies in Singapore society using key concepts such as democracy, interconnection, citizenship, governance, sustainability, identity, and diversity.

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ACL32A Inquiry-based Learning in Social Studies

This course aims to prepare student teachers with better understandings of social studies inquiry and the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed by teachers and students in order to support the use of inquiry in the learning of Social Studies. The course seeks to equip student teachers with a variety of inquiry-based teaching strategies that are appropriate for diverse learners. The course will provide opportunities for student teachers to design inquirybased learning activities and lesson plans and practice inquiry-based teaching strategies in a cooperative learning environment.

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ACL42A Assessment and Reflective Teaching in Social Studies

This course aims to provide student teachers with an understanding of the rationale and goals of secondary social studies assessment (both formative and summative). To develop assessment literacy for social studies assessment practice, student teachers will learn about formative and summative assessment and have practice designing assessment to support student learning in social studies. They will have opportunities to examine examination papers, mark sample scripts and set source-based and structured-response questions, as well as devise mark schemes. They will simi larly learn about formative assessment design and practice and assessment in Normal Technical Social Studies. Student teachers will also have opportunities to reflect on teaching and learning practice in schools and their own performance as teachers (after practicum experiences)

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