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    The Network of Education for Sustainability (EfS) Conference will be held from 30 April to 2 May 2018. read more


    Keynote Addresses

    • Chang, C.H.(2017, DEC). Teacher Professional Learning that matters – a Singapore perspective. Keynote Address, Hanoi National University of Education International Conference on Malaysia and Singapore experiences in pre-service and in-service training for teachers, lecturers and educational managers, Ha Noi, Viet Nam.

    • Chang, C.H.(2017, MAY). Teaching and Learning Geography for the 21st Century - knowledge and capabilities. Keynote Address, Curriculum Planning & Development Geography Symposium 2017, Singapore.

    • Chang, C.H.(2017, MAY). Teaching and Learning Geography for the future – knowledge and competencies. Keynote Address, 21st Taiwan International Geography Academic Conference, Taipei, Taiwan.

    • Organised SEAGA International Conference 2017 (Jakarta, Indonesia, 28 Nov – 1 Dec 2017)

    Panelist Address

    • Chang, C.H. (2017, May). Panelist speaking on Education for sustainability for the opening panel of the 5th Singapore Sustainability Symposium. Paper presented at Singapore Sustainability Symposium, Singapore.

    • Chang, C.H. & Wi, A. (2017, October). Can Augmented Reality (AR) support Assessment for Leatning about Climate Change?. Paper presented at Commission on Geographical Education Lisbon Symposium 2017, Lisbon, Portugal.

    • Chang, C.H. & Wi, A.C.Y. (2017, April). Public Education for Climate Change – Why it matters for Global Understanding. Paper presented at American Association of Geographers Annual Conference, Boston, United States.

    • Chang, C.H., Liaow, D., Tan, G.C.I., Tan J. & Kwek,C.H. (2017, April). Advancing a theoretical learning progression for teaching climate change in school geography. Paper presented at American Association of Geographers Annual Conference, Boston, United States.

    • Chang, C.H., Tan, G.C.I, Tan J., Kwek, C.H. & Liaow, D. (2017, May). Learning Progressions for Climate Change: How does it look like in Singapore's school geography?. Paper presented at Redesigning Pedagogy 2017, Singapore.

    • Kidman, G. & Chang, C.H. (2017, October). Journal Lecture 8 – International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education.. Paper presented at Deutscher Kongress für Geographie 2017, Tübingen, Germany.

    Chew Hung was featured on “Enhancing geographical inquiry by integrating google apps and NIE mGEO” on NIE’s teaching and learning newsletter Learning@NIE.
    Teaching About Climate Change For Environmental Citizenship – Are We Up To Task? - Dr Tricia Seow


  • A/P Chang is the Principal Investigator for  NIE/NTU funded project entitled,

    • The use of Augmented Reality (AR) in Assessment for Learning about Climate Change

    Investigate Productive Talk In The Geography Classroom Around Multimodal Data

    Dr Tricia Seow has been awarded a new Tier 2 MOE Academies Fund grant to investigate productive talk in the geography classroom around multimodal data. The grant will commence in Mar 2018, and involves an inter-disciplinary collaboration with the English Language Institute of Singapore, as well as three partner schools in Singapore.

    Teachers’ Knowledge and Practice Of Lower Secondary Geographical Investigations

    Dr Tricia Seow has been the Principal Investigator for an OER Grant focused on teachers’ knowledge and practice of lower secondary geographical investigations, which closed in March 2018. The findings of the grant have been used to guide the development of HSSE’s Sustainability Learning Lab, a project in which Dr Seow is a co-Principal Investigator. Dr Seow has presented her findings from this study at multiple international and local conferences.
    Developing a Learning Progression for Climate Change in Geography Education - A/P Chang Chew Hung
    Future Lives: Children’s Geographies in Transitional Migration - Dr Katigbak Evangeline Orola


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