PGDE Pre-Selection Test - Physics

  • The examination paper will contain multiple choice questions from five subtopics in physics mentioned under “Topics for PGDE Pre-Selection Test” below.

    1. Physics: Principles with Applications by Douglas C. Giancoli (6th Edition), Pearson (Prentice Hall)
    2. Fundamentals of Physics by David Halliday, Robert Resnick and Jearl Walker (7th Edition), John Wiley
  • Mechanics

    • Vector algebra and kinematics
    • Newton’s laws and simple applications
    • Friction
    • Circular motion & universal gravitation
    • Conservation laws: Rigid body kinematics and dynamics
    • Oscillations
    • Introduction to continuous media

    Optics and Waves

    • Geometrical Optics: Basic concepts in geometrical optics
    • Fermat’s Principle; Reflection and refraction
    • Thin Lens.
    • Physical Optics: Wave Motion and equation
    • Harmonic Waves
    • Phase and Phase Velocity
    • The Superposition of Waves; Standing Waves; Beats; Group Velocity;
    • Interference; Diffraction; Polarization

    Modern Physics and Special Relativity

    • Galilean Relativity and transformation
    • Michelson-Morley Experiment
    • Postulates of relativity and implications: simultaneity and clock synchronization, time dilation and length contraction
    • Lorentz Transformation including Fizeau’s experiment
    • Paradoxes of relativity: Pole and barn paradox, and twin paradox
    • Blackbody radiation; Photoelectric effect; Compton scattering
    • Atomic structure: Rutherford's Model of Atom and Bohr's theory
    • Wave-particle dualism: de Broglie hypothesis, Heisenberg Uncertainty principle
    • Nuclear Physics: Nuclear shape and size, Nuclear stability, Binding energy
    • Radioactivity, concept of half-life and mean life, conservation laws


    • Electric field; Gauss’s law; Electric potential energy and potential; Dipoles
    • Capacitance. Energy stored in electric field
    • Electric current, Ohm’s law, Resistivity
    • Kirchhoff’s law; DC circuit
    • Magnetic field; Bio-Savart law; Ampere’s Law
    • Charge particles in E and B fields -- Hall effect and mass spectrometer
    • Electromagnetic Induction; Faraday’s law and Lenz’s law; Electric generator
    • Eddy currents. Transformer and other applications of induction
    • Inductance: self and mutual; Energy stored in magnetic field
    • Analysis of AC circuit, including LRC, Resonance, Impedance matching
    • Polarization; Dielectrics and their applications
    • Electric displacement vectors. EM waves in free space and dielectric materials

    Thermal Physics

    • Temperature; Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics
    • Thermal expansion; Specific and latent heat
    • Ideal gas law
    • Heat transfer; Stefan-Boltzmann law
    • Kinetic theory
    • Internal energy & First Law of Thermodynamics
    • Equipartition theorem
    • Heat capacities of gases; Adiabatic processes