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Social Studies

  • 5th Hwa Chong International School (HCIS) Model United Nations Conference (HMUN)

    Dr Kho Ee Moi was Invited to serve on the judging panel at
    5th Hwa Chong International School (HCIS) Model United Nations Conference (HMUN) on Saturday 10 March 2018. HMUN is an inter-school Model United Nations Conference for upper secondary school students aged 15-17 from local and overseas schools (Brunei). Students play the roles of delegates representing their assigned countries and engage in simulated UN debates regarding global issues. They will have the opportunity to hone their skills in addressing crisis situations and display their negotiation skills that will enable them to arrive at plausible resolutions. 

    In conversation with NIE Faculty – Insights, Inspiration, and Ideation

    Dr Kho Ee Moi was invited to speak at East Zone Centre of Excellence for Research (EZ COE) - In conversation with NIE Faculty – Insights, Inspiration, and Ideation. The EZ COE was established in 2008 as motivation for teachers to innovate and continue to improve Teaching and Learning through educational research. The session provides the EZ school faculty with the opportunity to interact with NIE faculty on educational research of Singapore schools. The session has two objectives: i) Provide insights from educational research of Singapore schools into teacher learning and professional development, teaching, and student learning; ii) Foster dialogue between NIE and School faculties to inspire and encourage deep practitioner inquiry and/or practitioner-research initiatives within and between schools. She will be sharing her critical insights into the Primary Social Studies curriculum at the session
    Pedagogies: An International Journal

    Dr Yang Peidong have accepted a 2-year appointment as an Associate Editor for one of NIE’s flagship journals – Pedagogies: An International Journal

    Embodying China's Educational (im)Mobilities: Ethnographic Insights


    In September 2017, Dr Yang Peidong was invited to deliver a keynote address at the “Sociological Review Seminars 1 - Embodying China's educational (im)mobilities: Ethnographic insights” held at Keele University, UK. The title of my keynote address was: “State, market, international education, and youth (im)mobilities in Asia: A comparative study of Chinese "foreign talent" students in Singapore and Indian medical students in China”.


    Curious Minds, Citizenship Education and Inquiry


    To be an informed, concerned and participative citizen, one has to be inquisitive about the environment. In an increasingly complex world faced with challenging global issues, the role of an educator today has become even more important in helping young people constantly develop curious minds to better understand what is happening around them, and take positive actions that can make a difference to others and their environment. For one NIE lecturer, this can be done through inquiry-based learning that takes place beyond the classroom. read more

    Preparing Globally-Minded Citizens


    With ever-increasing transnational flows of people, cultures, ideas, technology and capital, preparing our young to live in a global society has never been more important. Associate Professor Mark Baildon explores global citizenship education across three global cities to understand the challenges and opportunities teachers see in terms of preparing young people for this global context. read more


    The Makings of an Effective Citizen


    Singapore’s social and economic progress post-independence can be attributed to one important factor – her citizens. We speak to the guest editor of this issue and Social Studies teacher educator Dr Kho Ee Moi on what makes a good citizen and the important role teachers play in preparing the young to become caring contributors to society. read more

    Humanities at work

    humanities at work

    NIE's Humanities and Social Studies Education Academic Group (HSSE) is turning heads with their innovative ways. From transforming better learning with technology to collaborating with teaching professionals to study positive pedagogical approaches, HSSE academics are making an impact on good teaching and learning. read more


    Using Technology for Inquiry-based Learning


    Inquiry-based learning is highly encouraged in today’s Social Studies classrooms. Some teachers may wonder how they can effectively introduce web-based sources of information into the inquiry process. A tool devised by researchers is here to help! read more

    Singapore Kaleidoscope


    Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) and Coordinating Minister for Economic and Social Policies, Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam addressed the December 2016 cohort of Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) student teachers at the National Institute of Education (NIE) inaugural symposium for the Singapore Kaleidoscope course on 8 March 2017. read more



  • Fieldwork in the Humanities

    Dr Sim Hwee Hwang will be working with Dr Sim Yong Huei as editors of a Springer book on Fieldwork in the Humanities. This book project comes under The Singapore Pedagogies, spearheaded by NIE and Springer. A collection of articles from invited academics from institutes of higher learning, teacher practitioners and ministry officers will be edited and compiled into a book to be published in 2019. The book will be collating inquiry-based and multidisciplinary approaches to fieldtrip-based learning in Singapore. It is hoped that as fieldtrips and fieldwork become a more ‘authentic’ form of learning in the New Millennium as a way to connect to the real world, this book can assist to understand the deeper dynamics of conducting a more inquiry-based and/or interdisciplinary approach in outdoor learning that is tied to a more structured/exploratory outcome or product in learning. Currently, we have history and geography education specialists and teachers, historians, geographers, English and literature specialist, archaeologists and anthropologists coming on-board the project. When completed, it will be one of the few books collating fieldwork from various levels of Singapore’s education; especially in relation to disciplines in which fieldwork is not a mandatory requirement in coursework.

    Social Studies Teachers’ Perceptions On Patriotism

    This is a MOE-funded research project. The Principal Investigator is A/P Jasmine Sim (CTL) with Dr Kho Ee Moi as the co-PI. This study seeks to explore and understand secondary school Social Studies teachers’ perceptions on patriotism. Two qualitative research methodology will be used - Q-methodology and case study. The research is guided by these key objectives:

    a)   Examine how social studies teachers understand patriotism using the innovative Q-methodology to reveal shared viewpoints among teachers.

    b)   Explore how two teachers from each shared viewpoint understand and teach social studies using the case study methodology.

    Build on existing research studies and contribute to the empirical base of citizenship teaching and learning in Singapore. With this study, I examine patriotism in citizenship and contribute to a deeper and more nuanced understanding of patriotism in Singapore.

    Compromise and Complicity In International Student Mobility: The Ethnographic Case of Indian Medical Students At a Chinese University

    Dr Yang Peidong’s most recent article “Compromise and complicity in international student mobility: the ethnographic case of Indian medical students at a Chinese university” in Discourse: Studies in the Cultural politics in Education, has attracted international attention immediately after publication. A simplified summary of this article was published in Network for Research into Chinese Educational Mobilities (NRCEM) online publication, the paper received significant interests from India. The President of the Indian Academy of Sciences (IAS), Prof Ram Ramaswamy of Jawaharlal Nehru University, personally got in touch. As a result, the same simplified summary of the article appeared on IAS blog Confluence.

    Immigrant Teachers in Singapore: Trajectories, Identities, and Integration

    In January 2018, Dr Yang Peidong won an EFRP Tier-1 grant (S$90,205) on a research project entitled “Immigrant Teachers in Singapore: Trajectories, Identities, and Integration”. This proposed project turns spotlight on an under-studied group among the teaching fraternity in Singapore – teachers of immigrant backgrounds. The project proposes to investigate the immigrant teachers’ migration/career trajectories, their sociocultural/professional identities, and their integration in Singapore society in general as well as in the school context. Through investigating these thus-far neglected questions, the project seeks to better understand the roles and contributions of immigrant teachers in Singapore, as well as the challenges and issues they face. Such insights will inform future policy-making and teacher education with regard to teachers of migrant background in Singapore.

    Desiring ‘foreign talent’: lack and Lacan in anti-immigrant sentiments in Singapore

    In 2017, Dr Yang Peidong published an article in Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (JEMS), entitled “Desiring ‘foreign talent’: lack and Lacan in anti-immigrant sentiments in Singapore”. JEMS is a well-recognized journal in the field of interdisciplinary migration studies. Specifically, my article made a contribution in introducing a psychoanalytic perspective on migration issues, which remains an under-explored approach in mainstream migration scholarship.

    Understanding The Way Teachers Carry Out Discussion–Based Lessons In Their Social Studies Classroom

    The Social Studies Secondary Team is currently working on a project that aims to understand the way teachers carry out discussion–based lessons in their Social Studies classroom. They are working with selected experienced classroom teachers. These teachers will have their discussion-based lessons observed and selected lessons will be videotaped. These lessons will be reviewed and the team will work with these teachers on making further improvements to the lesson. This project also aims to find out what concerns teachers have with regard to planning and carrying out discussion-based lessons in their SS classrooms, how frequent this is carried out, what are the planning processes that go into designing and preparing for a discussion-based lesson and to find out if they and their students think the discussion-based lesson(s) have been effective. This project would support both our pre- and in-service courses and the development of material and resources for professional development.

    Designing, Developing and Scaling the Critical Web Reader - A/P Mark Baildon
  • HSSE provides opportunities for Humanities teachers to collaborate and work with HSSE staff on areas of common interest such as research and writing. 

    In 2016, 2 beginning teachers contributed articles by writing with HSSE staff to our in-house journal, HSSE Online. Mr Kenneth Koh from Yuying Secondary School together with Mr Chelva Rajah wrote an article on ‘Diversity: Approaches to building conceptual understanding in the Social Studies classroom’.

    HSSE also welcomes teachers to engage HSSE staff in meaningful conversations on issues related to classroom pedagogy, subject content as well as assessment and evaluation.


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  • internatioal

    Peidong’s book International Mobility and Educational Desire: Chinese Foreign Talent Students in Singapore (Palgrave, 2016), has recently received a positive review in British Journal of Educational Studies.  

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