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  • “Learning Sciences and Technologies" is an interdisciplinary academic group which focuses on understanding learning in social-cultural contexts with the goal of designing and integrating learning environments and technologies.

    The group is concerned with the relationships of theory to practice and adopts a variety of methodologies, including reflection-in-action, action research, and design experiments for the advancement of its research and teaching. We seek to provide a bridge between learning and instructional design, and to mediate the design process as both a science and an art.

    Our mission is to enable teachers to become designers for learning and teaching and active contributors in a reflective community of practice.

    AG Vision

    A leader in research, practice, and teaching in learning sciences and technologies

    AG Mission

    To enable education professionals to become innovative designers for learning and teaching with technologies

    To develop and model research-based and effective technology-mediated pedagogies

    Head, Learning Sciences &


    Associate Professor
    Quek Choon Lang, Gwendoline

  • Initial Teacher Preparation (ITP) Programme

    Initial Teacher Preparation (ITP) programmes in NIE prepare you for a career as a teacher. The programme develops student teachers’ knowledge and skills require of teachers to competently meet the demands and challenges of a dynamic teaching career. For more information about the ITP programmes, click here

    Learning Sciences & Technologies (LST) Academic Group (LST AG) offers two core courses that are undertaken by all student teachers in all the ITP programmes. These are: ICT for meaningful Learning and Teaching and Managing Students at the Secondary/Junior College Levels.

    Postgraduate & Higher Degree

    LST AG also offers various postgraduate programmes, as shown below:


    LST AG also offers a range of in-service professional development courses to fulfill the needs of various stakeholders. Our programmes are tailored to meet the learning needs in various educational settings. They can be conducted both within as well as outside NIE. Our key focus is in digital media in teaching and learning although we will also conduct training in other pedagogy-related areas.

    Some of the in-service courses that we currently offering are: Self-Directed and Collaborative Learning, and Classroom Management for Beginning Teachers (Pri, Sec, JC).

    For more information on In-service courses, please contact:

    Nur Nadia Binte Kamal Rudin
    Programme Executive, Professional & Leadership Development Office, Office of Graduate Studies and Professional Learning

    1 Nanyang Walk, Singapore 637616
    Tel: (65) 6790 3787
    Fax: (65) 6896 9446

  • The academic staff of the Learning Sciences & Technologies (LST) Academic Group are involved in a variety of research and development projects. Technological Content Knowledge (TPCK), are some of the sell established research areas that are helmed by LST AG. Developmental projects materials, e.g., video cases, for LST AG's courses, have also become another key focus.

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    We’re proud of our graduates and current MAIDT participants to be part of the MAIDT alumni family and part of the larger NTU Community!

    Moving forward, we would like to reach out to connect with all graduates, former students and faculty to build a vibrant alumni community to promote interaction and engagement among fellow alumni. This outreach will also provide opportunities for alumni and participants to make new acquaintances, share job opportunities, and keep abreast of the latest courses and conferences for one's professional development.

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  • Learning Sciences and Technologies

    1 Nanyang Walk
    Singapore 637616

    Fax: +65 6896 8038
    Tel: +65 6790 3310

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