Master of Education - Learning Sciences & Technologies (MED)


This specialisation fosters in-depth understanding of the learning sciences towards equipping you with research knowledge and skills for conducting relevant investigations in your own fields of professional interest. It prepares practising educational personnel with competency in educating learners of the 21st century by broadening and deepening your knowledge of current learning theories and research trends. Research methodology and the use of technology for learning will also be featured. Opportunities will be given to do small-scale studies on technology-enabled pedagogy.

Entry Requirements
  • A good Bachelor’s degree from a recognised university
  • A teaching qualification such as Postgraduate Diploma in Education
  • At least one year of work experience in education

For international applicants, more information on the entry requirements can be found here.


The coursework for this specialisation comprises 2 core courses, 1 required specialisation course, 4 specialisation elective courses, 1 open elective courses plus either:

  • a dissertation or
  • two additional courses (one open elective and MMM 800 Critical Inquiry)

MMM 800 Critical Inquiry is open only for applicants pursuing the degree totally by coursework, and can be taken only on completion of eight courses.

Core Courses
  • MED 871 Educational Inquiry I
  • MED 872 Educational Inquiry II
Required Specialisation Courses
  • MLT 801 Foundations of the Learning Sciences
Specialisation Elective Courses (Choose any 4 courses)
  • MLT 802 Computer Supported Collaborative Learning and Knowledge Building
  • MLT 803 Technologies as Cognitive Tools
  • MLT 808 Design of Interactive Learning Environments
  • MLT 809 Research Methodologies for the Learning Sciences
  • MLT 810 Technological and Pedagogical Consideration for ICT Integration
  • MLT 811 Instructional Leadership for ICT
  • MLT 812 Blended Learning in Schools
  • MLT 813 Technology Supported Assessment
  • MLT 814 Educational Design Research
Open Elective Courses (Choose any 1 course)

Other than the core and specialisation courses, you may select open elective courses offered across all NIE Master degree programmes. The offer of electives is reviewed regularly to reflect developments in education and the respective fields. You are advised to take note of the prerequisites (if any) before registering.

pdf-thumbnail Download the full course listing and description for Learning Sciences and Technologies Specialisation Courses.

Optional Specialisation Courses are offered subject to demand and availability of faculty expertise. Hence, not all specialisation courses are available for selection to every intake.


Our tuition fees are subject to revision on a yearly basis. More details can be found here.

Application for Admission

There are generally two intake a year (January and August). You are advised to visit the website and look out for NIE’s announcements in May/June and November/December to confirm if the programme will be open for application at any particular intake.

Applications may be made online. More information on application details can be found here.

For graduate teachers from the Ministry of Education (MOE), Singapore seeking PDCM-Master’s Degree sponsorship, more details can be found here.

For more information on MEd courses (for specific academic issues relating to the programme), please contact A/P Wang Qiyun at: