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Multi-centric Education, Research, and Industry STEM Centre

  • meriSTEM is a multi-centric education, research and industry centre with the following mission:

    To enhance the quality of STEM literacy in Singapore through cross-disciplinary partnerships in research, teaching, and outreach so that future generations of educators, learners, and citizens are able to harness relevant STEM knowledge and skills in addressing current and emerging challenges for self and others.

    Leading in STEM Education Research

    The core business of meriSTEM is to provide leadership in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education research in Singapore through collaborative partnerships with researchers, academics and industries in the STEM disciplines and Education.

    Catalysing Research-Informed STEM Education

    Being a part of the National Institute of Education (NIE), meriSTEM contributes to the nation’s education service through offering STEM education programmes and courses that are informed by robust and rigorous STEM education research.    

    Inspiring Evidence-Based STEM Education Outreach

    The research and professional work of meriSTEM will inspire new and existing partnerships, and community outreach to promote the overall quality of STEM literate citizenry.

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  • Why meriSTEM?

    The term meristem refers to the tissue in plants that consists of undifferentiated cells that can rapidly divide to form more cells. These meristematic cells therefore form the areas of active growth in plants, and they have the potential to develop into all the various types of cells in the plant.

    As a cross-disciplinary group of researchers and practitioners with multi-centric interest in and across education, research, and industry in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (hence the acronym, meriSTEM), we love this idea of being the engines of growth and development in the STEM domains. 

    Our Logo

    meriSTEM Centre

    Linked hexagons are associated with all the STEM disciplines. Meristematic cells (in biology), aromatic compounds (in chemistry), and honeycomb structures (in biology, physics, technology, and engineering) all appear as a pattern of interconnected hexagons, which are in themselves geometric shapes (in mathematics). This key design motif in the logo represents the integrative and multi-centric nature of the meriSTEM centre @ NIE.