EW Barker Professorship


EW Barker Professor Gives Glowing Assessment of PESS Faculty
2nd EW Barker Professor: Dr. John Lyle

The Physical Education and Sports Science (PESS) Academic Group hosted the second EW Barker Professor, Prof John Lyle from Leeds Metropolitina University, UK from 7 to 25 August 2006. Prof Lyle's areas of expertise are in coaching theory and coach education. During his stint, he met up with senior management of NIE for very meaningful dialogues.

His public lectures and workshop to PESS and NIE staff and student teachers, members of the coaching fraternity in Singapore and the Singapore Sports Council (SSC), the Singapore Sports School and the Singapore Physical Edcucation Association were a record of sorts for a visiting professor. More than 350 interested people interacted with him on a professional basis. A PESS staff is also co-authoring a chapter on coach education with him and there is a possiility of research collaboration with PESS ad SSC in the near future.

In his assessment of PESS faculty members Prof Lyle shares. "This is an academic group of high quality and distinction and compares favourably indeed with other institutions with which I have associated. PESS contributes very significantly to the development of physical education of sport in Singapore... Members of staff are very well qualified, with appropriate professional experience, and enjoy an excellent relationship with students... The whole acadamic group has a commitment to the highest standards and sets high expectations for both students and faculty."

3rd EW Barker Professor: Dr. Rabindarjeet Singh

PESS has coveted expertise in PE and the Sport Sciences- staff is well qualified and is committed and dedicated to the training of PE teachers at the highest staff; the contribute to the development of PE, the enhancement of healthy lifestyles and the expansion of sports, recreational and elite in Singapore. Research i PESS, using state-of-the-art equipment and laboratories, supported by good library resources in NIE, informs reaching and the practice of sports science om applied PE and sports performances. PESS research produced more than 45 publications in 2006-2007 in good quality peer-reviewed journals, an accomplishment that is praise-worthy for a group with a high emphasis on teaching. This prudent mix of evidence-based teaching and good research is the result of strong and sagacious stewardship demonstrated by the leaders of PESS and NIE.

Lectures and Workshops

2nd EW Barker Professorship in 2006

Professor John Lyle

  • Click here for "Decision-Making and Sports Coaching" lecture
  • Click here for lecture to "PESS Staff"
3rd EW Barker Professorship in 2007

Professor Rabindarjeet Singh

  • Click here for Public Lecture 1: "Snapshot of Research at Universiti Sains Malaysia", 29 August 2007
  • Click here for Public Lecture 2: ""POST Exercise Drinks", 4 September 2007
  • Click here for Workshop: "Implementation of Talent Identification in Malaysia", 10 September 2007
4th EW Barker Professorship in 2009

Professor Jean Cote

  • Click here for "The building blocks of performance, participation and personal development in sport" lecture
  • Click here for "What is coaching expertise and how is it developed?" lecture
  • Click here for "More than a game - Positive youth development through sport" lecture