The 7th ASEAN Council of Physical Education and Sport (ACPES) Conference - 9 to 11 June 2021

    Welcome Message

    On behalf of the organising committee of the 7th ASEAN Council of Physical Education and Sport (ACPES) Conference, thank you for sharing the same passion and belief with us; the passion and dedication that physical education and sports connects people and makes the world a better place for all of us. Thank you for your registration, and we are glad that you will be with us for this conference.


    The conference's theme: "Building Connections, Establishing the Future of Physical Education, Sports and Technology" was aptly chosen by the team as we are still getting used to the "new normal" brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. This conference brings together members of academia, professionals and practitioners from the health, exercise, physical education, sports science, and sports management domains to discuss related disciplines. Given the difficult circumstances brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, the speakers and presenters will share how they have managed to overcome the challenges by using innovative approaches and technology to build meaningful connections with different stakeholders to chart the future of physical education and sports.


    We hope you will benefit from the keynote address, invited and institutional speakers' sessions, oral presentations, and workshops. We strongly encourage you to translate the knowledge obtained from this conference into practice to benefit your students and athletes.


    As the co-chairpersons of the 7th ACPES conference, we acknowledge that the conference's success will not have been possible without the organising committee members. They have worked relentlessly in planning and putting together the programme. We want to thank the sub-committee chairpersons for their advice and suggestions; our workshop partners and presenters for their kind understanding in accommodating our requests and modifications due to the tightening of the safe management measures by the Singapore Government to contain the spread of the Covid-19 cases. We would also like to express our appreciation to the sponsors who have helped us keep the conference costs low to attract and benefit more local and overseas participants.


    Lastly, we hope that the 7th ACPES conference will support staff and student exchanges, research collaborations, educational links among higher learning institutions, and, most importantly, consolidate and enrich friendships among delegates, near and far.


    Stay safe, stay healthy, and we look forward to welcoming you at the 7th ACPES Conference!

    Associate Professor Koh Koon Teck
    Chairperson, 7th ACPES Conference
    Head, Physical Education and Sports Science Academic Group
    National Institute of Education
    Nanyang Technological University

    Mr Ong Bok Liong
    Co-Chairperson, 7th ACPES Conference
    Course Manager
    Physical Education and Sports
    School of Business and Services
    Institute of Technical Education (College East)


    For any queries, please email
    Conference Secretariat 
    Ms. Samantha Tang at 
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    The National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NIE NTU, Singapore), has the honour and pleasure to invite colleagues and professionals from ASEAN countries to participate in the 7th ASEAN Council for Physical Education and Sport (ACPES) Conference. This year's conference theme - "Building Connections, Establishing the Future of Physical Education, Sports and Technology" - will feature virtual oral presentations and thematic workshops from the 9th to the 11th of June 2021.

    The 7th ACPES Conference brings together members of academia, professionals and practitioners from the health, exercise, physical education, sport science, and sport management domains to discuss related disciplines.  The objectives of the conference are: 

    • To encourage the cross-fertilisation of ideas, research and best practices among institutes of higher learning, health and sport organisations, to foster friendships among delegates.

    • To enhance the quality of physical education and sport by providing a platform where participants can link theory to practice through virtual workshop demonstrations.

    Various sessions of the conference (keynote presentation, invited speakers' presentations, virtual workshops, and oral presentations) will provide delegates insights into exercise and sports science, sports management, and physical education.  

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  • Wednesday, 9 June 2021 (Day 1)

    The first day of The 7th ACPES Conference kicked off with presentations from 8 institutional speakers from 8 universities across 5 ASEAN nations - Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand.

    The opening ceremony commenced with a welcome address by Head/PESS Associate Professor Koh Koon Teck, Chairperson of The 7th ACPES Conference, ACPES President. Associate Professor Chang Chew Hung, Director's Office, NIE NTU, Singapore, gave a welcome address as well. The ceremony was then graced with a welcome address from Guest-of-Honour, Ms Yeo Wan Ling, Member of Parliament for Pasir Ris - Punggol GRC, Singapore.

    The opening ceremony concluded with a symbolic handover of the 8th ACPES Conference to the next the Host Institution, Sekolah Tinggi Olahraga dan Kesehatan Bina Guna, Indonesia.

    The main highlight of the event saw keynote speaker, Professor Ann MacPhail from Limerick University, Ireland, sharing an insightful take on Building Connections: Developing Commitments and Capacity to Learn with, and from, Each Other.


    Thursday, 10 June 2021 (Day 2)

    The first half of the second day of the conference presented 4 thematic workshops being conducted virtually. Presenters from the NIE NTU Singapore, ITE (College East), Sport Singapore, and METTA School touched on Innovative Teaching Strategies, and Health and Wellness. Each workshop had an average of 90 to 110 participants from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand.

    There were also 2 concurrent oral presentation sessions in the second half of the day where 39 presenters shared on their research areas related to disability sport and physical activity, health and fitness, motor learning, neuromuscular physiology, physical education and pedagogy, psychology, rehabilitation and sports physiotherapy, and sports management and marketing.

    The participants were then treated to 2 engaging presentations by invited speakers, Prof Dr Tandiyo Rahayu M. Pd from Universitas Negeri Semarang, Indonesia, and Dr Christine Nash from University of Edinburgh, Scotland.


    Friday, 11 June 2021 (Day 3)

    The third and final day of the conference opened with 4 more virtual thematic workshops from 5 presenters from NIE NTU Singapore, Tanglin Trust School, Singapore Physical Education Association, Physical Education and Sport Teachers Academy, and Sport Singapore. Each workshop had an average of 90 to 110 participants from Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand.

    After lunch break, two more invited speakers from Australia shared their insights with the participants – Dr Amelia Carr from Deakin University and Associate Professor Ross Clark from University of Sunshine Coast.

    The conference wrapped up with two concurrent sessions from 39 oral presenters. The topics covered include biomechanics, coaching, health and fitness, physical education and pedagogy, motor learning, nutrition, rehabilitation and sports physiotherapy, sports management and marketing, sociology, sports statistics and analysis, and sports technology, and training and testing.

    Click here for a full-length article on the conference on the NIE website.

    For screenshots from the virtual conference, please visit The PESS Official Facebook Page

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  • Ann MacPhail
    Professor Ann MacPhail  
    Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences
    University of Limerick, Ireland

    Building Connections: Developing Commitments and Capacity to Learn with, and from, Each Other 
    Drawing on a collective action project, this Keynote shares a collection of work that provides an international framework for strategic planning, proactive leadership, and adaptive designs that encourages physical education (and sport) stakeholders to perform regular assessments of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The core principle is that every attempt to reform, improve, and redesign physical education and sport necessitates companion, coordinated improvements. ‘Grand Challenges’ identified by the Keynote illuminate dramatic and somewhat variable changes underway in nations around the world and include the digital age challenge and the professional development challenge. There are manifest needs for a unifying agenda founded on common purpose. Grand challenges confronting physical education and sport offer this unifying potential. Manifest in some form in nearly every nation, they facilitate the development of common purpose. National in one respect, these challenges signal an international agenda.  


    Professor Ann MacPhail is Assistant Dean Research Education and Health Sciences and a member of the Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences at the University of Limerick in Ireland. Her research and teaching interests reside in the areas of (physical education) teacher education, instructional alignment, curriculum development and curriculum and instruction models. She has published over 110 peer-reviewed scholarly research articles, over 20 book chapters, and 5 books. Ann’s most recent co-edited book is ‘School Physical Education and Teacher Education: Collaborative Redesign for the 21st Century’ (Routledge). She was awarded the Association of Physical Education in Higher Education (AIESEP) Lifetime Achievement Fellowship Award in 2015 in recognition of scholarly excellence in research and professional practice in physical education, physical activity and sport pedagogy across the lifespan. She presented the British Education Research Association (BERA) Physical Education Sport Pedagogy (PESP) Special Interest Group Scholar Lecture in 2016 in recognition of her distinguished contribution to the Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy research community. Ann was inducted as an International Fellow of the National Academy of Kinesiology (USA) in 2020 for her continuing and outstanding contributions to the field of kinesiology. Ann is an Associate Editor of the Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy journal and Editorial Board Member of the Journal of Teaching in Physical Education. 

  • Invited Speakers

    Dr. Amelia CarrAmelia Carr
    Lecturer, School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences
    Deakin University, Australia

    Altitude and heat training in high-performance athletes
    This presentation will discuss novel heat acclimation/acclimatization strategies, and altitude training methods for elite athletes,
    which have been investigated in several of our recent publications.

    Dr. Amelia Carr is an academic within the Centre for Sport Research at the School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences at Deakin University. Her research interests include environmental and nutritional interventions, and the effects on athletes’ performance and physiology. In her recent research, she focused on the performance effects and physiological adaptations associated with nutritional supplementation, heat acclimation and altitude training in elite athletes; conducted in collaboration with Australian National Sporting Organisations, professional sporting clubs, the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and international collaborators. Prior to her current role at Deakin University, she was based at the AIS for five years, and worked as an applied sport scientist for the Australian Department of Defence.

    Christine NashDr. Christine Nash
    Head of Institute for Sport, Physical Education and Health Sciences
    University of Edinburgh, Scotland

    Future Proofing Coaching and Coach Development
    Sport has changed greatly over the years and the year 2020 provided another challenge to sport worldwide with the restrictions due to the Covid pandemic. Sport coaches have always had to change and adapt to different environments and challenges but more recently the pace of change has greatly increased. This presentation examines the development of sport and sport coaching and considers the steps that coaches can take to ensure they stay abreast of new
    technologies. It also considers challenge as a precursor of innovation and creativity.

    Dr. Christine Nash's first qualification was in Physical Education; however she emigrated to the United States shortly after graduation. Her MSc., which she undertook on a scholarship in the USA, concentrated more on sport coaching, and gave her the opportunity to apply the theory with the university swim team. Dr. Nash found the opportunity to integrate her educational background with sport coaching has been invaluable. She has also been a National Coach, as well as a university coach, within the sport of swimming.

    Since then Dr. Nash has been heavily involved in sport coaching and as a result her career has not always followed a ‘traditional’ route in higher education. Much of her credibility and understanding of the coaching process has been developed during her time as a national coach and this immersion within the profession has informed her subsequent career and research interests. Dr. Nash has worked within a number of Higher Education institutions worldwide, most recently as a Visiting Professor at Technische Universität München (TUM), Germany.

    Dr. Nash has immersed herself in applied research, hoping to make a difference to coaches and their coaching practice. Her interests are in developing coaches, through a variety of methods, encouraging them to develop expertise. She is on the research committee of the ICCE and the USCCE, both organisations committed to developing sport coaches. She has considerable experience of working with sporting organisations worldwide, and is an accredited Coach Developer.

    Ross ClarkDr. Ross Clark

    Associate Professor
    University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia 

    New approaches to measuring functional capacity in the field
    This presentation will discuss how low-cost yet high-tech systems such as smartphones, microcontroller sensors and video gaming equipment can be repurposed as sports and movement assessment tools. The talk will delve into the weird and wonderful world of devices such as the Raspberry Pi (hint – you can’t eat it) and Arduino which are changing the way we interact with sensors in the real world. Some of the functional capacity assessment systems which will be
    discussed include:

    • Low-cost electromyography: can you really build a valid, wireless muscle contraction voltage detector for <$100?
    • Interested in squatting force asymmetry? Simple modifications that turn $15 bathroom scales into highly accurate, portable and wireless force platforms.
    • Want to measure jump height? Build a $15 jump mat.
    • How low-cost laser systems from automated driving technology provide enhanced walking and sprinting speed data.
    • Why machine learning combined with depth cameras will soon change the way athlete and patient movement is assessed. 
    • In isolation these devices are good – but how easy it is to link them together is their real strength.

    How the sensors in these and other devices such as wearable activity monitors function and might evolve in the near future will be discussed, with key advancements in software and hardware technology described. A brief exploration of “programming for everybody” systems that allow people with no computer coding experience to easily create their own smart phone apps that can access sensor data, record reaction time, send alerts and create custom surveys will be performed.

    Associate Professor Ross Clark is a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) R.D. Wright Biomedical Fellow (2015-2018) at the USC, and an Honorary Fellow at the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute in Melbourne. He completed his undergraduate and PhD degrees at Central Queensland University, and undertook a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at University of Melbourne.

    His research focuses on working with clinicians to improve the way they assess and treat their patients by creating custom hardware, software, web-based systems and smartphone apps that are usable in clinical settings. He has created a range of systems that have been used in hospitals throughout Australia and the world, including tools for assessing gait, balance and strength in Singapore General Hospital, University of Rochester Medical Center and Cincinnati Childrens Hospital. He also has a background in elite sport, having created systems used by professional rugby league and AFL teams in Australia and worked as the international product tester for ASICS Oceania sports apparel.

    He has published over 115 journal articles in a range of fields, including clinical populations such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, joint surgery, cancer, emphysema, Parkinson’s disease and children born very pre-term. He has also supervised over 15 Masters by Research or PhD and 25 Research Honours students.

    Prof. Dr. Tandiyo 
    Rahayu, M.Pd                                                    Prof Dr Tandiyo Rahayu             
    Dean, Faculty of Sports Science
    Universitas Negeri Semarang, Indonesia

    Blended Learning in Physical Education: Encouraging Students to Physically Active
    This presentation is about how physical education teachers should attract students to be interested and willing to be more active by using a learning approach that is closer to the new generation's new habits, namely by utilizing digital media.

    Dr Tandiyo Rahayu is a lecturer in Department of Physical Education, Faculty of Sports Science, Universitas Negeri Semarang. Since 2015 until now, she has received additional assignments as Dean. Her research interests include physical education, physical activity, humanities in sports and sport psychology. As the global pandemic has changed the life order, she is also interested in researching the impact of the pandemic on digital literacy in physical education instructional, sports coaching, and how athletes compromise with these new situations and living arrangements. In 2019, her research project on the Blended Learning model in Physical Education was funded by ICSSPE, and surprisingly, the results were immediately helpful and could be put into practice by physical education teachers in Semarang City when the pandemic hit, and students had to learn from home.

  • Institutional Speakers

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    Mr. Alan Alfiansyah Putra Karo KaroAlan Alfiansyah Putra Karo Karo
    M. Kes Lecturer
    Bina Guna College of Sports and Health
    STOK/College Bina Guna Medan

    Alan Alfiansyah Putra Karo Karo is a Lecturer in Bina Guna Sports and Health College. Beginning his career as a teacher. And now he has become a Lecturer since 2019. Interested in research in the fields of physical education, training, and character.

    Dr. Amelia T. Buan                                                                                 Amelia T Buan
    Dean, College of Education
    Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT)

    Prof. Amelia T. Buan is the Dean of the College of Education at Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology, Philippines. In 2015, she was chosen as one of the 40 Intel Education Visionaries for her insight, passion, and proven experience as an agent of change in education. She is involved in a nationwide STEM initiative in the Philippines, one of the Department of Science and Technology-Science Education Institute’s Project STAR (Science Teacher Academy for the Regions).

    Dr. Chairat Choosakul                                                                                     Chairat Choosakul
    Assistant Professor
    Health and Sport Science Department
    Education Faculty
    Mahasarakham University (MSU)


    Dr. Chairat Choosakul is an Assistant Professor, now working at the Department of Health and Sport Science, Mahasarakham University (MSU), Thailand. His amount currently publications in both National and International is greater than 25 publications. Additionally, the overseas academic experiences had gained in many countries around the world such as the United of America, Australia, New Zealand, Greece, and Germany. Especially, in many countries (China, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia) in Asia. For his backgrounds, he graduated with a Bachelor of Sport Science from Mahidol University in 1994, Thailand. After that, he spent his time for 2 years to get his Master in the same area from Kasetsart University, Thailand. He started to teach his sport science student in 1997 at MSU. Later, he was got the great opportunity to receive the 2000 Royal Golden Jubilee (RGJ) Ph.D. scholarship from the Thailand Research Fund (TRF) and graduated his Ph.D. from Burapha University, Thailand in 2008. Those was his innumerable glorious biography that forever extremely be proud of.

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Heny Setyawati. M. Si.                                                             Heny Setyawati
    Senior Lecturer
    Department of Physical Education
    Faculty of Sports Science
    Universitas Negeri Semarang (UNNES)


    Heny Setyawati is an Associate Professor as well as Senior Lecturer of Physical Education Department, Sports Science Faculty, Universitas Negeri Semarang. She earned her Master Programme from Padjajaran University, Bandung in Psychology, and Doctoral Programme in Sports Education, Semarang State University. She has been teaching for more than 29 years at either undergraduate, master or doctoral programme. She is currently Head of International corner of Sports Science Faculty, General Secretary at Indonesia National Sport Committee, Central Java Province, and Indonesia Sports Mental-Coach Trainer, as well as being active at Indonesia Wushu Association. Her research interests and professional expertise relate to sports psychology, media, and methodology.

    Dr. Mohd Rozilee Wazir Bin Norjali Wazir                                                       Mohd Rozilee Wazir Bin Norjali Wazir
    Senior Lecturer
    Department of Sport Studies
    Faculty of Educational Studies
    Universiti Putra Malaysia


    Mohd Rozilee Wazir Bin Norjali Wazir received his early education at Sacred Heart Primary School and continued his secondary education at La Salle High School, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. His excellent achievements, both in academic, co-curricular and sport secured him a place in Physical Education Bachelor degree programme at the Universiti. He began serving Universiti Putra Malaysia as a Tutor at the Department of Sport Studies, Faculty of Educational Studies on 19th November 2009 and completed his Master Sciences (Sport Sciences) in 2012. He pursued his PhD on Talent Identification (TID) in Combat sports and graduated from University of Ghent, Belgium in 2019 under the prolific internationally renowned TID experts, Prof Matthieu Lenoir and Prof Johan Pion.  He is currently a senior lecturer at the Department of Sport Studies, Faculty of Educational Studies, Universiti Putra Malaysia. His expertise in TID made him the first person in Asia to embark on a full scale unique TID system for young sport talent. He is currently working closely with Malaysian National Sport Council in developing Malaysian TID system. He is also a TID consultant for Indonesian University as well as local sport association such as Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) and National Rugby Development Programme (NRDP).  

    Dr. Muhamad Nur Fariduddin Abdul Aziz                                                         Muhamad Nur Fariduddin
    Senior Lecturer
    Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)


    Muhamad Nur Fariduddin is a Senior Lecturer of Health Education from the department of Physical and Health Education, Universiti Teknologi MARA. He has been teaching Basic Life Support (BLS) at university and industry such as aviation. His research area focuses on the application of simulation and debriefing models in resuscitation training. As a member of Malaysian Society of Simulation in Healthcare Professionals (MaSSH), and Malaysian Association of Education in Medical & Health Sciences (MAEMHS), he is actively involved in conducting workshops and has been invited as speakers in several international conferences and appointed as adjunct lecturer. He has received both national and international research grants, developed several modules and assessment tools in simulation for non-medical community and published in various indexed journals, textbook, and research book all within the area of Simulation, Debriefing & Resuscitation training. His award includes Graduate on Time for his doctorate study, national champion, best oral & poster presenter in several conferences and innovation competitions.

    Assoc Prof. Sonthaya Sriramatr                                                                  Sonthaya Sriramatr
    Dean, Faculty of Physical Education
    Srinakharinwirot University (SWU)


    Assoc Prof. Sonthaya Sriramatr is currently the Dean, Faculty of Physical Education, Srinakharinwirot University, Thailand.  Assoc Prof. Sonthaya has proficient in sports science, especially in the field of sports training and the promotion of physical activity and health.

    Dr. Zason Chian                                                                                     Zason Chian

    Senior Lecturer
    Physical Education and Sports Science Academic Group
    National Institute of Education
    Nanyang Technological University

    Dr. Chian Lit Khoon Zason is currently the Deputy Head and Senior Lecturer at the Physical Education and Sports Science Academic Group, National Institute of Education at Nanyang Technological University. His research interest is in exercise and sport psychology specifically student and athlete motivation; and psychological skills training.

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  • Conference Chairs

    Assoc. Prof. Koh Koon Teck (Head PESS, NIE NTU) 
    Mr. Ong Bok Liong (Course Manager, Physical Education, ITE College East)

    Conference Secretariat

    Ms. Samantha Tang (PESS, NIE NTU)
    Ms. Serene Seah (PESS, NIE NTU)
    Ms. Yow Chea Nuan (PESS, NIE NTU)

    Sub-Committee Members


    Mr. Khairul Anwar (PESS, NIE NTU)
    Mr. Sebastian Tan (PESS, NIE NTU)
    Ms. Yow Chea Nuan (PESS, NIE NTU)

    Mr. Ahmad Sukaimi (ITE College East)
    Mr. Azlan Ahmad (ITE College East)
    Mr. Chan Chiew Lam (ITE College East)
    Mr. Emran Yusoff (ITE College East)
    Mr. Ivan Tan (ITE College East)
    Mr. Jerry Yeo (ITE College East)
    Mr. Kennieth Chan (ITE College East)
    Mr. Lau Joo Huat (ITE College East)
    Mr. Raihan Mohamed Wapa (ITE College East)
    Mr. Ratna Suffian Ishak (ITE College East)

    Opening Ceremony

    Mrs. Karen Ng (PESS, NIE NTU)

    Mr. Samuel Nicholas Chu (ITE College East)
    Mr. Shasi Kumar Arumugam (ITE College East)

    Oral & Poster Presentations / Workshops

    Mr. Ang Wee Boon (PESS, NIE NTU)
    Mr. Irfan Ismail (PESS, NIE NTU)
    Dr. Lin Yen-Chun (PESS, NIE NTU)

    Mr. Andrew John Hutcheon (ITE College East)
    Mr. Michael Loke (ITE College East)
    Ms. Norhayati Abdul Rahman (ITE College East)


    Mr. Joel Chia (PESS, NIE NTU)
    Dr. Zason Chian (PESS, NIE NTU)

    Mr. Mazlin Abdul Rani (ITE College East)
    Mr. Raizen Abdul Rahman Ahad (ITE College East)

    Publicity & Sponsorship

    Ms. Ashley Lee (PESS, NIE NTU)
    Ms. Erny Noorman (PESS, NIE NTU)

    Ms. Cass Lim (ITE College East)
    Mr. Ernesto Nicholas Villenguez (ITE College East)
    Mr. Gary Ng (ITE College East)
    Mr. Guhen Markandran (ITE College East)
    Mr. Jerry Tong (ITE College East)
    Ms. Karen Bay (ITE College East)
    Mr. Shahul Hameed (ITE College East)


    Mr. Fhirhad Omar Khtab (ITE College East)

    Scientific Review

    Dr. Chung Ho Jin (PESS, NIE NTU)
    Asst Prof Heetae Cho (PESS, NIE NTU)
    Asst Prof John Komar (PESS, NIE NTU)
    Asst Prof Teo Wei Peng (PESS, NIE NTU)