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  • Inspiring leaders, empowering educators

    A confluence of policy and practice, spearheaded and supported by sound leadership, underpins the success of our education system and the holistic development of our students. Through our pre-service, in-service, career milestone and higher degree programmes, we aim to contribute to the development of school leaders and teachers by providing a platform for them to discover a nexus of theory and practice and enhance their capacity to take their schools to new heights of excellence. Through our research and publications in policy and leadership, we aim to provide insights that may be translated into inputs for policy making and beneficial practices on the ground. Through our work, we hope to develop educational leaders and teachers who inspire and empower others to work synergistically in the education system, both locally and internationally. We hope to prepare school leaders and teachers who can meet emerging challenges in education with purpose and confidence.

    Head, Policy &
    Leadership Studies
    Jude Chua

    Associate Professor
    Chua Soo Meng, Jude

  • Staff Member
    Title of Staff Project Currently On-going
    Boon Suan Loy, Zoe
    • School Leadership - The Making of School Principals
    • School Leadership - Leadership and Organizational Change in Singapore Schools
    Chua Soo Meng, Jude
    • Philosophical Anthropology and Pedagogical Approaches
    • The Relevance of Ethical Evaluation for Critical Thinking (in Social Theory)
    • (Philosophical) Stances and Educational Policy/Curriculum Design
    Goh Wee Pin, Jonathan
    • Educational Marketing
    • Perceptions of Educational Service Quality
    • Assessment of Training Needs of Teachers and Principals, Ministry of Education, Kingdom of Bahrain
    Kang Lu-Min, Trivina
    • Longitudinal Pathways of P4, S3, Post-Secondary Students - Panel 6/CRPP Core Project
    • Understanding Survey Process
    • Organisational Capacity Inventory Project
    • Evaluation of Literacy Programme in a Secondary School
    Khong Yiu Lan, Lana
    • Ethnic Relations in Singapore Schools
    • Home-School-Community Partnerships in Schools
    Lim Lee Hean
    • Teacher Mentoring in the Singapore Education System
    • School Management and Educational Organisation: Challenges Confronting School Principals; Principals and Ethnic Diversity
    • International Study on the Influence of Administrators on Teacher Involvement in School Change
    Luo Wenshu, Serena
    • Students' achievement motivation, emotion and strategies
    • Parenting and classroom practices and students' self-regulated learning
    • Culture, individual differences and learning
    • Quantitative Research Methods, Measurement and Statistical Analysis
    Ng Foo Seong, David
    • Study of the Impact of an Intelligent Simulation System on Knowledge Acquisition among School Leaders
    • Study of the Impact of an Intelligent Simulation System on the Mental Model Development of School Leadership Among School Leaders
    Ng Pak Tee
    • School Leadership Development in Singapore
    • Leadership and Organisational Change in Singapore Schools 
    • Evidence Base for Intial Teacher Training
    Salleh, Hairon
    • The Impact of Community-Based Teacher Learning on Student Learning Outcomes (OER 14/12 HS)
    • Through the Lens of the School: School-based Curriculum Innovation(SCI) (OER 14/11 VC)
    • Leadership and Organizational Change in Singapore Schools: A Baseline Study (OER 3/10 CD)
    • A Case Study of Instructional Leadership Development in a Singapore Primary School (SUG 5/11 HS)
    • The Developement Needs of Network Leaders in Singapore (SUG 6/11 HS)
    Tan Eng Thye, Jason
    • English Language Use and Learning in Singapore
    Tan Hwee Phio, Charlene
    • Social and Educational Influences of Confucian, Islamic and Western traditions on Asian Societies
    • Critical and Interdisciplinary Thinking
    Zhang Yenming
    • Philosophical elements in Human Education as Essentials of Quality
    • Leadership - from Chinese Classical Perspectives