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    Title of Staff Project Currently On-going
    Boon Suan Loy, Zoe
    • School Leadership - The Making of School Principals
    • School Leadership - Leadership and Organizational Change in Singapore Schools
    Chua Soo Meng, Jude
    • Philosophical Anthropology and Pedagogical Approaches
    • The Relevance of Ethical Evaluation for Critical Thinking (in Social Theory)
    • (Philosophical) Stances and Educational Policy/Curriculum Design
    Goh Wee Pin, Jonathan
    • Educational Marketing
    • Perceptions of Educational Service Quality
    • Assessment of Training Needs of Teachers and Principals, Ministry of Education, Kingdom of Bahrain
    Kang Lu-Ming, Trivina
    • Longitudinal Pathways of P4, S3, Post-Secondary Students - Panel 6/CRPP Core Project
    • Understanding Survey Process
    • Organisational Capacity Inventory Project
    • Evaluation of Literacy Programme in a Secondary School
    Khong Yiu Lan, Lana
    • Ethnic Relations in Singapore Schools
    • Home-School-Community Partnerships in Schools
    Lim Lee Hean
    • Teacher Mentoring in the Singapore Education System
    • School Management and Educational Organisation: Challenges Confronting School Principals; Principals and Ethnic Diversity
    • International Study on the Influence of Administrators on Teacher Involvement in School Change
    Luo Wenshu, Serena
    • Students' achievement motivation, emotion and strategies
    • Parenting and classroom practices and students' self-regulated learning
    • Culture, individual differences and learning
    • Quantitative Research Methods, Measurement and Statistical Analysis
    Ng Foo Seong, David
    • Study of the Impact of an Intelligent Simulation System on Knowledge Acquisition among School Leaders
    • Study of the Impact of an Intelligent Simulation System on the Mental Model Development of School Leadership Among School Leaders
    Ng Pak Tee
    • School Leadership Development in Singapore
    • Leadership and Organisational Change in Singapore Schools 
    • Evidence Base for Intial Teacher Training
    Salleh, Hairon
    • The Impact of Community-Based Teacher Learning on Student Learning Outcomes (OER 14/12 HS)
    • Through the Lens of the School: School-based Curriculum Innovation(SCI) (OER 14/11 VC)
    • Leadership and Organizational Change in Singapore Schools: A Baseline Study (OER 3/10 CD)
    • A Case Study of Instructional Leadership Development in a Singapore Primary School (SUG 5/11 HS)
    • The Developement Needs of Network Leaders in Singapore (SUG 6/11 HS)
    Tan Eng Thye, Jason
    • English Language Use and Learning in Singapore
    Tan Hwee Phio, Charlene
    • Social and Educational Influences of Confucian, Islamic and Western traditions on Asian Societies
    • Critical and Interdisciplinary Thinking
    Woon Koon Siak, Benjamin
    • Pedagogical Approaches for Knowledge and Inquiry
    • Moral Psychology in Classical Chinese Philosophy
    • Revision of Papers on Xenophon and Machiavelli
    Zhang Yenming
    • Philosophical elements in Human Education as Essentials of Quality
    • Leadership - from Chinese Classical Perspectives