Master of Arts (Educational Management)


The programme aims to enable participants to develop the knowledge, skills and capability to lead their organisations effectively at a time of rapid change.

Programme Details

The Master of Arts (Educational Management) programme is designed for individuals who hold management positions in the education service: principals, vice-principals, heads of department and teachers with positions of responsibility and MOE officers.

This programme pursues three broad aims: (i) to enable aspiring leaders in education to become more informed about critical issues in educational management, and thus to apply intellectual approaches to their work (ii) to help them cope positively and effectively with the management challenges that are currently impacting on education (iii) to enable them to acquire a recognised and valued postgraduate award. Topics covered include: organisational learning and development, human development and learning, assessment quality and standards, supervisory leadership and curriculum design, management of educational technology applications, finance and resource management, quantitative and qualitative research methods, comparative issues in education, contemporary issues in school marketing, mentoring for professional development and leadership succession, school and organisational effectiveness, globalisation, educational change and pedagogical reform.

There are two options within this programme. Participants are required to either:

  • Complete eight courses plus a dissertation (Dissertation option), or
  • Complete 10 courses (Coursework-only option)

Those selecting the coursework-only option will take a special course titled Critical Inquiry designed to act as a capstone experience for the programme as one of the 10 courses.

You do not have to make the decision when you apply. The decision on what option to select is made upon completion of six courses.

Download a copy of the MAEM Program Manual here

Entry Requirements

  • A good Bachelor's degree
  • At least two years of managerial experience in either the public or private sector. Applicants must be heads of school departments, vice-principals or principals of schools, inspectors and senior officers of MOE, faculty members of universities and polytechnics or supervisors and managers in the public or private sectors

The degree of Master of Arts (Educational Management) is offered only on a part-time basis.

The minimum and maximum periods of candidature are 24 months and 48 months respectively.

Application for Admission

The programme is open to ALL, including the general public. Self-sponsored applicants are to meet the programme entry requirements before applying via the Direct Online Application. For MOE graduate teachers seeking PDCM-Master's Degree sponsorship from MOE, they are to meet both programme entry requirements and PDCM-Master's Degree requirements before applying for admission via the PDCM-Master's Degree Scheme.

For application deadlines and instructions, please refer to the web page Application for Admission by Coursework.

Further Enquiries

  • For general information on issues such as admission and application, please send your enquiry to
  • For specific academic issues relating to the programme, please send your enquiry to Dr Zhang Yenming, the academic coordinator, at