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  • At Psychological Studies Academic Group, we have a team of educators and psychologists passionate about the application of psychology to the art of education. In this era of globalization and the rapid proliferation of knowledge and technology, schools and individuals have to cope with change and be able to see new promises and challenges.

    Psychology is an integrative discipline to help us advance our understanding of human thought and behavior to help people cope, adapt and learn at their best. We also learn and collaborate with scientists and educators in diverse fields such as early childhood, special education, learning sciences, prevention science, cognitive science and the education of specific disciplines (e.g. language, mathematics and science education).

    As scholars and educators, we see ourselves as facilitators and mediators to make the wealth of research and knowledge in the diverse fields of psychology (such as educational and school psychology, cognitive psychology, social psychology, counseling psychology and psychometrics) more accessible to the community – our undergraduates, pre-service teachers, in-service teachers and aspiring specialists in guidance, counseling and applied psychology.

    We believe in mentoring, building people and creating learning communities and networks that will enable our trainee teachers, counselors and aspiring specialists to not only to acquire professional knowledge, skills and competence but also form lasting interest groups to support their professional lives and practices.

    We welcome you to enjoy the journey with us each time you embark on a course that applies this fascinating field of psychology, whether it be helping individuals learn, counseling the young and adults or doing dynamic assessments. We also welcome collaboration from professionals and researchers in our quest to enhance the application of psychology to empower the education enterprise.

    Our Vision

    To achieve excellence in the academic preparation and professional training of teachers, psychologists, counsellors and assessment specialists.

    To achieve distinction in research aimed at advancing knowledge, improving educational practices of teachers, and promoting professionalism amongst psychologists, counsellors and assessment specialists.

    To provide consultancy and quality psychological, counselling and assessment services to schools and community.

    To become a leader in the promotion of psychological knowledge, its application and research in Singapore and beyond.

    Our Mission

    To promote the understanding, application and research of psychology in the areas of learning and teaching, counselling, psychological testing and educational assessment amongst the teaching profession and the community at large.

    Head, Psychological


    Associate Professor
    Caroline Koh

  • Ongoing Projects


    Start Date End Date Title of project Funding Type/
    Reference Number
    Research Grant Principal Investigator Co-PI & Members
    Jun 2014 May 2017 A Two-Tiered Approach to Supporting Pupils with Reading Difficulties in P3 Mainstream Classrooms AFR 02/14 TCS $99,992.00 Tan Chee Soon Beth O'Brien, Elizabeth Pang
    Jan 2015 Jun 2017 NA: Improvement of Learning, Innovations in Teaching (NA: ILIT) ERFP $99,898 Leong Yew Hoong (MME) Co-PI: Quek Khiok Seng
    Tay Eng Guan (MME)
    Yap Sook Few (MME)
    Apr 2016 Jul 2017 Singapore Ability Scales Norming Study OER 32/15 KP $99,840 Poon Kin Loong, Kenneth (OER) Kerry Lee
    Neo Teck Yong Lawrence (MOE, PARB)
    Qian Xiangrui Keith (MOE, PARB)
    Sharifah Mariam Aljunied (MOE, PSB)
    Yeo Lay See
    Jan 2017 Nov 2017 Preservice Teachers’ Perception of Student Centred Learning SUG 16/16 WCY $19,328 Ethan Wong Tan Chee Soon, Tan Ying Kiat
    Mar 2015 Nov 2017 Beginning Physical Education Teachers’ Experience of Continuing Professional Development and School-Based Mentoring AFD 04/14 TKS $249,162 Tan Kwang San, Steven (PESS) Wong Yuen Fun, Isabella
    Jan 2016 Jan 2018 Pedagogical Change for Training Teachers: Adapted
    Flipped Classroom Approach
    SUG 13/15 TCT $17,907 Teo Chua Tee Quek Khiok Seng
    Jan 2017 Jan 2018 Augmenting Problem-Based Learning (PBL) through
    I3G 01/16 SC $25,000 Stefanie Chye Yvonne Seng, Tan Chee Soon, Ethan Wong & Tan Ying Kiat
    Mar 2017 Jan 2018 Designing an Instrument to Assess the Outcomes of an Outdoor Education Programme under the MOE Outdoor Education Masterplan on Secondary Student Participants. SUG 18/16 CBL $19,744 Chua Bee Leng Gregory Arief, Yvonne Seng, Susanna Ho (MOE), Nie Youyan
    Feb 2016 Feb 2018 Understanding Development Trajectories of Antisocial and Deliquent Behaviour in Children and Adolescents using Mixed Methods RS-SAA $119,868 Rebecca Ang
    Apr 2014 Mar 2018 Investigating the Development Trajectories of Antisocial Behavior in Children and Adolescents: A National Study Others (MSF-Invtg Dec Trajec) $505,440 Rebecca Ang Co PI: Arief, Vivien & Trivina (PLS)
    Feb 2016 Jul 2018 Core 3 Research Programme: A Quantitative Study of Learning and Teaching in Singapore Classrooms OER 29/15 CCY $249,950 Chan Chee Yeen Melvin (OER) Subramaniam s/o Ramanathan (NSSE), Nie Youyan, Charles Matthew Peters
    (MOE, CPDD), Chin Tan Ying (MOE,CPDD), Tan Yi Ling (MOE, CPDD), Tay Wee Beng (MOE,
    Feb 2016 Jul 2018 Lessons from Resilience-Nurturing Environments: Classroom Practices of "Turnaround" Teachers OER 28/15 ISC $249,335 Caleon Imelda Santos (OER) Nie Youyan, Jenny Chua (MOE), Ronnel B. King (Hong
    Kong Institute of Education), Tan Yuen Sze Michelle (University of British Columbia, Canada), Toh Pee Li Leslie (CPDD, MOE)
    Jan 2016 Dec 2018 Problem-based Learning: A Study on its Impact on Learners' Motivation, Strategy Use, Learning Processes and Academic Achievement OER 23/15 CBL $168,826 Chua Bee Leng Gregory Arief D Liem, Stefanie Chye, Nie Youyan
    Jan 2016 Dec 2018 Problem-based Learning: A Study on its Impact on Learners' Motivation, Strategy Use, Learning Processes and Academic Achievement OER 23/15 CBL $168,826 Chua Bee Leng Gregory Arief D Liem, Stefanie Chye, Nie Youyan
    Mar 2016 Sep 2019 Working Memory and Numeracy Intervention for Children in the Learning Support Programme for Mathematics OER 30/15 KL $1,406,959 Kerry Lee Co PI: Khng Kiat Hui, Fiona Cheam, Ridzuan Abd Rahim, Bull Rebecca
    Collaborators: Ng Kian Bee
    Nov 2016 Nov 2019 An empirical study of existing design research methods in design research EP4 2016-T1-001-256 $81,962 Yeo Puay Hwa Jesvin (NTU) Teo Chua Tee

  • The NIE Wellness Centre offers affordable psychological services and counselling of a high standard to National Institute of Education trainees, Nanyang Technological University staff and students and to the general public . The centre also functions as a unit that trains postgraduate educational psychology and counselling students.

    Please visit the NIE Wellness Centre page for more information.

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