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  • In this era of globalisation and the rapid proliferation of knowledge and technology, schools and individuals have to cope with change and be able to see new promises and challenges. At Psychology and Child & Human Development Academic Group, we have a team of educators and psychologists passionate about the role of education in human development from early childhood through to adulthood. We are especially interested in the application of psychology to the art of education, with the aim to understand the emotional, social and behavioural issues of learners, and to provide meaningful and relevant educational programmes and experiences to help them adjust to and flourish in school and later on, to acquire the relevant skills for the workplace and society at large.

    Our Academic Group consists of academics, researchers and educators specializing in diverse fields such as early childhood education, special educational needs, learning sciences, motivation, prevention science, cognitive science and mental health. In addition, we collaborate with experts in specific disciplines such as language, mathematics and science education.

    As scholars and educators, we see ourselves as facilitators and mediators to make the wealth of research and knowledge in the diverse fields of educational and counselling psychology, early childhood education and special educational needs more accessible to the community – our undergraduates, pre-service teachers, in-service teachers, allied educators and aspiring specialists in guidance, counselling and applied psychology.

    We believe in mentoring, building people and creating learning communities and networks that will enable our teachers and aspiring specialists to not only acquire professional knowledge, skills and proficiency but also form lasting interest groups to support their professional lives and practices.

    Our Mission

    To promote understanding, application and research in the areas of learning and teaching, educational psychology, counselling, early childhood education and special educational needs, amongst educators and the community at large.

    Our Vision
    • To achieve excellence in the academic and skills-based preparation and professional development of educators, psychologists, counsellors, and assessment specialists.

    • To excel in research and innovation aimed at impacting and improving the expertise, professionalism and practices of educators, psychologists, counsellors, and assessment specialists.

    • To promote lifelong learning initiatives through the provision of professional development programmes, courses, workshops and consultancies to local and international stakeholders.

    • To provide consultancy and quality psychological assessment and counselling to schools and the broader community.

    We provide training at pre-service, undergraduate and higher degree levels for continuing education and welcome you to enjoy the journey with us each time you embark on a course offered in any of the following fields:


    Head, Psychology and Child & Human Development


    Associate Professor
    Caroline Koh

  • Statement of Goals & Key Objectives


    To promote understanding, application and research in the areas of learning and teaching, educational psychology, early childhood education, special educational needs and counselling, amongst educators and the community at large.



    • To achieve excellence in the academic and skills-based preparation as well as professional development of educators, psychologists, counsellors, and assessment specialists.

    • To provide research-informed professional sharing of knowledge and skill sets in well-being and human development to the larger community.

    • To promote professionalism and scholarship within the educational community


    • To promote excellence and uphold integrity in research.

    • To excel in research and innovation aimed at impacting and improving the expertise, professionalism and practices of educators, psychologists, counsellors, and assessment specialists.

    • To produce research outcomes that transform practice and inform policy making.


    • To meet the needs of stakeholders through collaborative partnerships and service work within NIE/NTU as well as with MOE and other external (local & international) organisations.

    • To promote life-long learning initiatives through professional development programs, courses or workshops at and beyond NIE/NTU.

    • To provide consultancy and quality psychological assessment and counselling to NIE/NTU, schools and the broader community.

        People And Institutional Capacity

    • To promote and maintain a culture of trust, collaboration and collegiality within PCHD, across other AGs in NIE, and within NTU at large.

    • To build and consolidate the AG’s capacity for growth, development and innovation in teacher education, educational and counselling psychology, early childhood education and special educational needs.

  • Ongoing Projects


    Start Date End Date Title of project Funding Type/
    Reference Number
    Principal Investigator Co-PI & Members
    May 2014 July 2019  Developing a Transition Position Statement to Guide Transition Practices in Singapore OER 09/14 RB Hanin Binte Hussain Nirmala Karuppiah, Levan Lim Heng Fook, Joanna Tay-Lim Kim Hoon, Mercy Karuniah Michael
    Dec 2015 Jun 2019 Perspectives of Stakeholders on Youth with Intellectual Disabilities Transitioning to Adulthood ERFP/OER 14/15 GEP Ailsa Goh Ee Ping Wong Meng Ee, Carol Tan Soo Ching & Lily Yip (APSN)
    June 2016 Mar 2019 A Comparative Study of Early Childhood Education in Selected High Performing Countries   Rebecca Bull Nirmala Karuppiah, Hairon Salleh, Bautista Arellano Alfredo 
    Oct 2016 Dec 2018 Evaluation of Circle of Care (COC) Programme   Neo Yu Wei (NUS) Nirmala Karuppiah, Kenneth Poon Kin Loong, Ng Yue Hoong Irene (NUS)
    Nov 2016 Aug 2019 Investigating the Experiences of Parents, Children and Professionals in an Inclusive Preschool: The Case of AWWA Kindle Garden   Wong Meng Ee Joanna Tay-Lim Kim Hoon
    Nov 2016 Nov 2019 An Empirical Study of Existing Design Research Methods in Design Research EP4 2016-T1-001-256 Yeo Puay Hwa Jesvin (NTU) Teo Chua Tee
    Jan 2017 Jan 2018 Augmenting Problem-Based Learning (PBL) through Videos I3G 01/16 SC Stefanie Chye Yvonne Seng, Tan Chee Soon, Ethan Wong & Tan Ying Kiat
    Jan 2017 Mar 2018 Effects of a Drumming Programme on Mental Well-Being, Motivation and School Functioning of Secondary School Students National Arts Council Yeo Lay See  
    Jan 2017 Dec 2018 Positive Teacher Language: Improving Teacher-Student Relationships and Engaging Low Progress Students MOE Academies Fund/AFR 03/16 GEP Ailsa Goh Ee Ping Carol Tan Soo Ching & Tan Cher Chong (MOE)
    Jan 2017 Dec 2020 Identifying Dynamic Pathways in Multi-stressed Low-income Families in Singapore – Children’s and Parents’ Contributions to Positive Adaptation Social Science Research Thematic Grant (SSRTG) Esther Goh (NUS) Chong Wan Har
    Mar 2017 Jan 2018 Designing an Instrument to Assess the Outcomes of an Outdoor Education Programme under the MOE Outdoor Education Masterplan on Secondary Student Participants SUG 18/16 CBL Chua Bee Leng Gregory Arief, Yvonne Seng, Susanna Ho (MOE), Nie Youyan
    Jun 2017 Feb 2020 Technology-based Tools for Teaching Early Literacy Skills
    OER 04/17 OBA O'Brien Beth Ann
    Tan Chee Soon, Luca Onnis (NTU), De Roock Robert Santiago
    Jun 2017 Nov 2020 Supportive Assistive Technology for Individuals and Stakeholders: Facilitating Acquisition and Providing Service SG Enable Tote Board Enabling Master Plan Grant Wong Meng Ee  
    Jul 2017 Jun 2019 Teacher Motivation and Practices: Leadership Antecedents and Student Outcomes ERFP Luo Wenshu Gregory Arief Liem, David Ng Foo Seong, Hairon Salleh, Choong Pek Lan, Ng Pak Tee
    Sep 2017 Oct 2018 Development and Validation of a Critical Thinking Disposition Scale SUG 11/17 CKL Chue Kah Loong Chua Bee Leng
    2017 2019 Transforming Research into Action, Competency and Effective Services (TRACES) VCF Innovation & Productivity Grant. Collaboration with NUS Social Service Research Centre and AMK Family Service Centre Chong Wan Har  
    Jan 2018 Jun 2019 Development and Validation of an Autonomy-Supportive School Leadership Behaviours
    SUG 13/17 LAN Lee Ai Noi Nie Youyan
    Jan 2018 Dec 2019 Field Experience in Teacher Education II: Student Teachers' Perception and Experience RS-SAA Liu Woon Chia  
    Jan 2018 Dec 2020 Identifying Positive Adaptive Pathways in Low-income families in Singapore MOE2016-SSRTG-039 NUS Chong Wan Har
    Feb 2018 Jul 2020 Enhancing Developmental Screening in Early Childhood Settings: Adapting and Testing a Singapore Version of the Ages & Stages Questionnaires, Third Edition (ASQ-3)  Competitive Grant

    DEV 02/17 XHC
    Xie Huichao Kenneth Poon Kin Loong, Chen Mo, Nah Yong Hwee, Lourdes Mary Daniel, Pratibha Keshav Agarwal, Chui Mae Wong, Koh Hwan Cui
    Mar 2018 Feb 2021 Core (2018): A Quantitative Study of Teaching and Learning in Singapore Classrooms OER 23/17 CCY Chan Chee Yeen Melvin Aryadoust Seyed Vahid, Subramaniam s/o Ramanathan, Nie Youyan
    Apr 2018 Apr 2019 Developing a Self-Motivation Intervention SUG 20/17 CSN Chua Sook Ning Stefanie Chye
    Apr 2018 Dec 2019 Parents 'Perception of Play' and 'Holistic Development' in the Early Years ERFP Nirmala Karuppiah  Hanin Binte Hussain
    Jun 2018 Dec 2019 Motivating Gen Z Learners: What Every Parent and Educator Need to Know I3G 03/18 TCS Tan Chee Soon  Yvonne Seng, Caroline Koh, Stefanie Chye 
    Jun 2018 Jun 2020 Development, Validation and Application of a Work-Readiness Assessment Inventory (WRAI) TRF,MOE-Dev of WRAI Betsy Ng Ling Ling Lee Ai Noi, Chua Bee Leng 
    Jun 2018 Jun 2021 Validation of a New Single-item General Self-Efficacy Scale RI 10/17 NY Nie Youyan Chua Bee Leng, Stefanie Chye
    Jul 2019 Dec 2019 SKIP Development Project: Learning Resources for Singapore Early Childhood Educators   Nirmala Karuppiah Hanin Binte Hussain, Layne Heidi Johanna, Joanna Tay-Lim Kim Hoon, Kenneth Poon Kin Loong, Mercy Karuniah Michael, Sum Chee Wah, Lucy Chew-QUEK, Bautista Arellano Alfredo, Ng Ee Lynn, Rebecca Bull 
    Aug 2018 Jul 2021 Mindfulness in School Counselling: A perspective from Trainee school counsellors in Singapore SUG-NAP 1/18 IO Ong Pei Ling Jennifer Isabelle  
    Aug 2018 Dec 2021 The Transition and Adjustment of Children with Special Educational Needs: A Study of Three Year Outcomes and their Determinants (Tran-SEN) 01/18OERKP Kenneth Poon Kin Loong  

    Xie Huichao, Chen Mo, Fei Nah, Mariam Aljunied, Chong Shang Chee, Sylvia Choo, Lim Luck Siew, Faye Yang, Kang Qing Yi, Melanie Chan, Wong Meng Ee        

    Apr 2019 Oct 2020 A Study of the Promotion of Growth Mindset for Students with Special Needs IRB-2019-03-037 Elizabeth Ow Yeong Wai Mang  
    May 2019 Nov 2019 An Ethnographic Inquiry Into the Enabling Factors for Support for Students with Special Needs in the Mainstream Primary and Secondary Schools  IRB-2018-04-013 Elizabeth Ow Yeong Wai Mang  
    Aug 2019 Dec 2021 School Based and Practicum Experience of Allied Educators (Learning and Behavioural Support) IRB-2019-08-014 Elizabeth Ow Yeong Wai Mang Kit Phey Ling, Chen Mo, Maria Lourdes (MOE), Muhammad Suhairi Bin Subarjo (MOE)
    Oct 2019 Sep 2021  Validation of the Youth Internalizing Problem Screener for Singapore School Students at Secondary Levels SUG-NAP 3/18 YML Yong Ming Lee  
    Nov 2019 Oct 2020 An online prevention program for Eating Disorder for University aged women RP 3/18 CSN Chua Sook Ning  

  • The NIE Wellness Centre offers affordable psychological services and counselling of a high standard to National Institute of Education trainees, Nanyang Technological University staff and students and to the general public. The centre also functions as a unit that trains postgraduate educational psychology and counselling students.

    Please visit the NIE Wellness Centre page for more information.

  • About the Leading Foundation Teacher Award (LFTA)

    Administered by the NIE Psychology and Child & Human Development Academic Group, the LFTA recognises passionate and dedicated practitioners who have made significant contributions to the care and teaching of children in the fields of early childhood and special needs education. 

    Leading Foundation Teacher Award (LFTA) Award Winners

    2020 Award Winners
    Ms Koh Jia Min PCF Sparkletots Preschool 
    Ms Elaine Chong Yulian St James' Church Kindergarten
    Ms Li Jiayi Outram Secondary School
    MsTan Peck Keow St Andrew's Autism School

    2019 Award Winners
    Ms Farhana Bte Mohamed Hassan PCF Sparkletots Preschool 
    Ms Tan Chiew Hoon PCF Sparkletots Preschool 
    Ms Liew Simin Princess Elizabeth Primary School
    Ms Hannah Seah Seow Heap Fei Yue Early Intervention Centre for Children (Wellington Circle)

    2018 Award Winners
    Ms Nur Amirah Bte Roslee  PCF Sparkletots Preschool 
    Ms Mohamed Elias Ilaheenisa  PCF Sparkletots Preschool 
    Ms Priscilia Sim Li Mei  Eden School
    Ms Chang Siew Chian  Kheng Cheng School           

    2017 Award Winners
    Ms Ashveen Kaur Randhawa Boon Lay Garden Primary School
    Ms Lilian Li E-Bridge Pre-School
    Ms Mardiana Binte Mohamed Ithnin APSN Tanglin School
    Ms Norhayati Binte Isnin PCF Sparkletots Preschool

    2016 Award Winners
    Mr Jeyaram Kadivan St. Gabriel’s Secondary School
    Mr Mark Kuo  APSN Tanglin School
    Ms Parvinjit Kaur Toor PCF Sparkletots Preschool
    Ms Zahirah Binte Surian PCF Sparkletots Preschool

    PCF Sparkletots Preschool

    PCF Sparkletots Preschool

    2015 Award Winners
    Ms Chen Yit Toun, Babe Rainbow Centre
    Ms Intan Binte Ismail My First Skool
    Ms Tan Kia Khim Jenny The Little Village
    Ms Tutek Alauyah Binte Amir Tampines Primary School

    2014 Award Winners
    Ms Caroline Tan St Andrew’s Autism School
    Ms Ling Bee Lain St. James Kindergarten
    Ms Mishalani Jayaraj Sarada Kindergarten
    Mrs Sulekha Nair APSN Chaoyong School
    Mr Yow Jit Sin Concord Primary School
  • About the Endowment Fund

    The Henry David Hochstadt Early Childhood Education (HDHECE) Endowment Fund is a gift from Mr Herman Hochstadt, the eldest son of Mr Henry David Hochstadt and a Pro-Chancellor of the Nanyang Technological University. The fund resides with the Psychology and Child & Human Development Academic Group (PCHD AG) at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University.  It has been set up to support development and research for the enhancement and sustainability of quality practices for early childhood education, especially within the Singapore context.

    Mr Hochstadt's endowment gift was for $500,000.  With a dollar-for-dollar matching from the government, the fund amounts to one million dollars, and this generates interest on an annual basis which NIE's PCHD AG taps on for the fund's various projects and initiatives.

    To find out more, click here.

  • Psychology and Child & Human Development Academic Group

    Block 2 Level 3 Room 104A (General Office)
    National Institute of Education
    1 Nanyang Walk, Singapore 637616
    Tel: (65) 6790 3199 (General Enquiries)

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    Enquiries Related to Specific Programmes

    Please contact the relevant Programme Leaders listed below:

    Dr Chue Kah Loong:
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    Assessing Learning and Performance
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    Educational Psychology
    Dr Mercy Michael: 
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    Effective Parent Engagement for Teachers
    Dr Mercy Michael: 

    Pedagogical Practices
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    Teacher-Student Relationship
    PGDE Primary/Secondary
    Mr Ethan Wong:
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    Teaching and Managing Learners at the Primary Level
    Ms Patricia Ho:
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    Diploma in School Counselling
    Dr Lee Boon Ooi:

    Diploma in Special Education:
    AED LBS              
    Dr Loh Pek Ru: 
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    SST Full-Time      
    Ms Lim Luck Siew:
    Dr Nah Yong Hwee:

    SST Part-Time     
    Ms Ho See Mei Patricia:

    NTU Minors

    EC (Early Childhood) Minor
    Dr Hanin Binte Hussain:

    SE (Special Needs Education) Minor
    Mr Kee Kiak Nam:

    YW (Youth Work & Guidance) Minor
    A/P Liu Woon Chia:

    Higher Degree Programmes

    Doctor in Education
    A/P Gregory Arief D Liem:

    Higher Degree by Research (PhD & MA by Research)
    A/P Gregory Arief D Liem:

    Master of Arts (Applied Psychology)
    Dr Kit Phey Ling:

    Master of Arts (Counselling & Guidance)
    Dr Lee Boon Ooi:

    Master of Education (Developmental Psychology)
    A/P Nie Youyan:

    Master of Education (Early Childhood)
    Dr Rebecca Chan:

    Master of Education (Educational Assessment)
    Dr Quek Khiok Seng:

    Master of Education (High Abilities Studies)
    Dr Letchmi Devi:

    Master of Education (Special Education)
    Dr Ailsa Goh Ee Ping:

    Professional Development Programmes

    Advanced Diploma in Special Education (ADISE)
    Dr Loh Pek Ru:

    Advanced Diploma in Special Learning and Behavioural Needs (ADSLBN)
    A/P Wong Meng Ee:
    Dr Tan Soo Ching Carol:

    Advanced Diploma in Teaching Early Primary School Years (ADTEPSY)
    Dr Hanin Binte Hussain:

    Advanced Diploma in Teaching Students with Special Needs (ADTSSN)
    Ms Lim Luck Siew:

    Certificate in Differentiating Curriculum and Instruction for High Ability Learners
    Dr Letchmi Devi:

    Certificate in Educational Support
    Mr Kee Kiak Nam:

    Certificate in Special Needs Support (TSN)
    A/P Wong Meng Ee:
    Dr Tan Soo Ching Carol:

    Certificate in Teaching Children with Hearing Loss 
    Ms Lim Luck Siew: 
    A/P Levan Lim Heng Fook: 

    Certificate in Teaching Students with Autism in Special Education Schools
    Ms Lim Luck Siew:
    Nurturing Early Learners Framework
    Dr Joanna Tay-Lim Kim Hoon:

    Parent Engagement Programme
    Dr Mercy Michael:

    Professional Development for Programme Leaders (PDPL)
    Dr Hanin Binte Hussain:

    Teacher Leaders Programme

    Dr Chue Kah Loong: