• BA (Ed) in Theatre and Drama

    The Theatre and Drama programme explores critical aspects of theory, practice and pedagogy, to reflect an integrated approach to drama education. The programme identifies how theatre and drama theories and practices provide platforms to incorporate new educational thinking that includes 21st century competencies. Theatre and drama processes and practices will be applied to nurture individual and collaborative learning, reflective and reflexive practice, active problem-solving, empathetic engagement, inter- and intra-cultural understanding, and social and self-awareness. The programme draws from Asian and Western theory, practice, history and philosophy to respond critically to global trends in arts education and cultural policy.

    There are no academic pre-requisites for specialisation in Drama. Students who are interested to do Theatre and Drama at NIE must attend an interview-workshop which offers students an opportunity to discuss the programme and participate in a short drama workshop that conveys some of the approaches and pedagogies used. No academic pre-requisites are required. Some background in performance and theatre-making is however preferred. What is most important is that students are willing to collaborate, be imaginative and participate fully in practical and theoretical learning.

    Students will do a combination of Academic Subjects (AS) and Curriculum Subjects (CS) in Theatre and Drama, depending on whether they elect to do Theatre and Drama as a Major (AS1) or Minor (AS2) study. The modules include the following:

    Academic Subjects (AS):

    AAU 10A Acting 1: The Actor’s Voice and Body

    AAU 10B Theatre & Drama in Society: Historical Perspectives                  

    AAU 10C Acting 2: Physical Theatre and Embodying Character

    AAU 10D Contemporary Theatre: Styles and Conventions

    AAU 20A Dramaturgy and Directing

    AAU 20B Evolution of Theatre and Drama: Practice and Philosophy

    AAU 20C Playwriting and Script Analysis

    AAU 20D Traditional Theatre: Styles and Conventions

    AAU 20E Devising Theatre: Methods and Practices

    AAU 20G Performance, Imagination and Play

    AAU 30A Technical Theatre: Staging and Design                   

    AAU 30B Performance Processes: Rehearsing, Staging and Responding

    AAU 30C New Theatre Practices (Secondary only)

    AAU 40A Applied Theatre: Theory, Practice and Pedagogy (Secondary only)

    AAU 40B Young People’s Theatre Practices (Secondary only)

    AAU 40C Research Frames for Theatre and Drama Education

    Curriculum Subjects (CS):

    ACU 22A Theatre and Drama Education

    ACU 32A Planning and Facilitating Theatre and Drama Education

    ACU 42A Critical Pedagogies in Theatre and Drama Education

    ACU 42B Curriculum and Assessment in Theatre and Drama

    Please follow this link for detailed course descriptions for BA(Ed) Primary (Drama).

    Please follow this link for detailed course descriptions for BA(Ed) Secondary (Drama).

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  • Minor Study in Theatre and Performance
    CDP courses are theatre and performance electives offered to students from Wee Kim Wee School of Communications, School of Art, Design and Media and School of Humanities and Social Sciences only (specifically Art Design and Media, Chinese, Communication Studies, Economics, English, History, Linguistics and Multilingual Studies, Philosophy, Public Policy and Global Affairs, Psychology and Sociology). They can be taken as general electives or as part of a ‘Minor Study in Theatre and Performance.’ These courses introduce to students a broad range of concepts, theories, histories of, and practices in, theatre and performance: some courses focus on theatre’s relevance and engagement with contemporary and traditional society, both Western and Asian, while others offer students opportunities for more practical work in acting, playwriting and directing. 

    To obtain a ‘Minor in Drama and Performance’ a student would need to complete 5 modules in total – one Foundation Level module and four other modules. The Foundation Level module, CDP111: Introduction to Theatre and Performance, is a pre-requisite for access to other modules.

    CDP111 will be offered every semester, and at least two other courses from the Secondary Level will be offered each semester. Each module is worth 3AUs.

    The modules offered from August 2017 are as follows:

    Foundation Level (Compulsory and Pre-Requisite for other CDP Modules):

    CDP111 Introduction to Theatre and Performance

    Secondary Level (Choose and Complete at least 4 Modules):

    CDP211 Acting

    CDP212 Theatre and Technology

    CDP213 Theatre for Young People: Methods and Practices

    CDP214 Applied Theatre

    CDP215 Independent Study in Theatre

    CDP221 Playwriting and Script Analysis

    CDP222 Contemporary Theatre in Singapore and Southeast Asia

    CDP223 Directing and Dramaturgy

    CDP224 Devising Theatre: Methods and Practices

    CDP225 Traditional Theatre: Styles and Conventions

    CDP226 Contemporary Theatre: Styles and Conventions

    CDP111 Introduction to Theatre and Performance is offered every semester. The remaining modules may be offered in various semesters but at least two Secondary Level modules will be offered every semester.

    Please follow this link for the respective course descriptions.

    For more information, please contact NTU’s Office of Academic Services.

    Information on NTU Minor Study Programme can be found here

    General Electives

    General electives are open to all students from NTU and NIE, and there are no specific pre-requisites. The objective of the electives are to provide exposure to selected topics in drama education, and to further expand the knowledge horizons of students interested in using drama as a pedagogical tool or employing it as means of creative and collaborative engagement in the classroom and other learning situations.

    Each elective module is worth 3AUs. Not every module is offered every semester though at least one will be. 

    The modules offered from August 2017 are as follows:

    AAU28A Drama as Engaged and Collaborative Learning

    AAU28B The Creative Classroom: Learning Through Imagination and Play

    AAU28C 21st Century Learning Through Drama

    AAU28D Voice Studies and Production

    AAU28D Voice Studies and Production is offered every semester. The remaining modules may be offered in various semesters.

    Please follow this link for the respective course descriptions.