Getting To Know Series

Have you ever wondered what it is like being a higher degree student or a professor in NIE? Now you can, with our Getting to Know Series, an ongoing miniseries to let you know more about our most important asset - people.


Hear from our students, professors and alumni members to find out what NIE is about!


Our Professors

 A/P Chang Chew Hung    A/P Tan Seng Chee   A/P Tan Aik Ling     A/P Mary Anne Heng    A/P Chen Wenli    A/P Jude Chua 
 Asst/P Myra Garces-Bacsal    A/P Hairon Salleh     A/P Ho Weng Kin     Dr Alfredo Bautista     Dr Hanin Binte Hussain       Prof Berinderjeet Kaur
A/P-Sivakumaran    A/P-Lee-Ngan-Hoe    Asst P Ruanni Tupas (ELL)    AP-He-Jie    Asst-P-Leng-Ho-Keat-(PESS)    Ivy-Maria-Lim 
  A/P Sivakumaran s/o Ramalingam   A/P Lee Ngan Hoe    Asst/P Ruanni Tupas   A/P He Jie     Asst/P Leng Ho Keat   A/P Ivy Maria Lim  
Dr Norman Lim                    


Our Graduate Students and Alumni

Becky Wong
Phd student 
   Mark Lim
PhD student
   Dr Cao Feng
PhD graduate
  Cassim Munshi
PhD student
  Dr Gog Soon Joo
EdD (Dual Award) graduate
  Yeong Lan Ing
MA (Research) graduate
 Nusraat Begum
MA (Humanities Education) graduate
  Cheryl Chen
PhD student
  Julian Lim
MSc (Research) graduate
    Nadia Chandra
MSc (Research) graduate
  Dr Nazir Amir
PhD graduate
   Dr Ang Hak Seng, BBM
PhD graduate
Lim Ai Lay
MEd (Special Education) graduate
   Dr Betsy Ng
PhD graduate
   Linda Lee
MEd (Primary) graduate
  Tok Kiat Siong
MEd (Music) graduate
  Wendy Choo
MEd (Curriculum and Teaching) graduate
  Dr Mercy Karuniah Jesuvadian
MEd (Early Childhood) and PhD graduate
  Charlene-Goh    Aw-Hui-Ting
 Dr S.M.P. Kalaiselvi
PhD graduate
   Tharuka Prematillake Thibbotuwawa
MA (Humanities Education) graduate
   Dr Barry Bai
PhD graduate
   Tuty Amir
Advanced Diploma in Special Education graduate
   Charlene Goh
MSc (Research) student
  Aw Hui Teng
PhD student
  Poon Kee Lee
  Mary-Foo    Shawn
 Adeline Yong
PhD student
   Nguyen Thanh Dong
PhD student
     Vimallan Manokara
MA (Applied Psychology) graduate
   Poon Kee Lee
MA (Counselling and Guidance) graduate
  Mary Foo
MA [Professional Education (Training and Development)] student 
  Shawn Tay
 PhD student
  Flora-Ong    Mah-Chin-Hao
Janice Kee
MA [Professional Education (Training and Development)] student
  June Tan
MEd (Education Assessment) graduate
  Dr Alimat Omar Ali
PhD graduate

  Tan Xian Jing
MA (Humanities Education) graduate 

  Flora Ong
MEd (Curriculum and Teaching) and Leaders in Education Programme (LEP) graduate 

  Mah Chin Hao
PhD student

  Alwyn-Lee    Gin-Chua    Nicola Choo    Nursidah-Malik    Alicia-Ng 
Dr Wan Rizal
PhD graduate
  Alwyn Lee
PhD graduate
  Gin Chua
Advanced Diploma in Primary Music Education graduate
  Nicola Choo
MA (Educational Management) graduate
  Nursidah Malik
MEd (Special Education) graduate
  Alicia Ng
PhD graduate
Lynn-Koh    Nai-Yuan-Ting    Cheryl-Tay             
Lynn Koh
MEd (Early Childhood) graduate
  Dr Nai Yuan Ting
PhD graduate
  Dr Cheryl Tay
PhD graduate