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NIE Postgraduate & Continuing Education Fair 2019

    Join us again at the NIE Postgraduate & Continuing Education Fair 2019, on Saturday, 11 May 2019, 10am to 4pm at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, Level 3 Summit 2 for a series of exciting and informative activities on our higher degree and professional development programmes and courses that are suitable for both teachers and working professionals passionate about lifelong learning!

    Be part of our 'Learning Differently, Leading Change' journey.


    You will get the opportunity to learn more about the programmes that we offer to both teachers and non-teachers. You will also be able to meet the programme leaders, staff members and graduate students from each Academic Group at the event.

    Our comprehensive range of higher degree and professional development programmes and courses are run by the following 12 Academic Groups (AG) in NIE.

    • Asian Languages and Cultures
    • Curriculum, Teaching and Learning
    • Early Childhood and Special Needs Education
    • English Language and Literature
    • Humanities and Social Studies Education
    • Learning Sciences and Technologies
    • Mathematics and Mathematics Education
    • Natural Sciences and Science Education
    • Physical Education and Sports Science
    • Policy and Leadership Studies
    • Psychological Studies
    • Visual and Performing Arts


  • Asian Languages and Cultures Academic Group (ALC)
    The Asian Languages and Cultures Academic Group which comprises three divisions: namely, the Chinese, Malay and Tamil Divisions, aims to produce excellent teacher-researchers who are devoted to mother tongue language education for the nation by laying a firm academic scholarship for mother tongue language teachers and equipping them with relevant pedagogical and IT skills, curriculum design, innovation and evaluation, as well as up-to-date knowledge and skills in education research.

    Committed to provide strategic responses to the ever-changing trend in language learning and teaching, Asian Languages and Cultures Academic Group also offer Teaching Chinese as an International Language programme (MATCIL). The programme aims to train educators who are bilingual in both English and Chinese to teach Chinese as a foreign/international language in countries where Chinese is not the dominant language.


    Curriculum, Teaching and Learning Academic Group (CTL)
    The AG is committed to developing curriculum leaders and teaching professionals who are leading curriculum change and innovation in various educational settings.

    The AG is devoted to scholarship, inquiry and praxis grounded in an understanding of epistemological, ontological and pedagogical theories and issues. We provide our students with foundations for curriculum thinking, decision-making, design, implementation and evaluation based on these theories and issues to ensure that their understanding is well grounded and responsive to diverse learner needs, the demands of teaching and learning contexts, various aspects of assessments and the social purposes of education.


    Early Childhood and Special Needs Education Academic Group (ECSE)
    The AG comprises of three specialisations in teacher education, namely, Early Childhood, High Ability Studies and Special Education. Programmes and courses conducted by ECSE are concerned with understanding the emotional and social development of children, and with providing meaningful and relevant educational programmes and experiences to help them adjust to school and later on, to society at large.

    The Early Childhood specialisation focuses on understanding of child development and early childhood education. The High Ability Studies specialisation creates a platform to enhance teachers’ knowledge, ideas and best practices at educating and developing the talent of high ability learners. The Special Education specialisation promotes professional competence in special education by providing knowledge-based theory, practice and research.


    English Language and Literature Academic Group (ELL)
    The AG focuses on research and teacher education in the areas of English Language, Linguistics and Literature. We provide a rigorous and intellectually-challenging yet practice-relevant English Teacher education and have a research culture that embraces diversity and multidisciplinary perspectives. Our faculty consists of international scholars engaged in cutting-edge research in a wide variety of areas. Focusing on the theory-practice nexus in education, we are committed to developing and mentoring critically engaged, socially responsible, knowledgeable, and passionate English teachers for the 21st century classroom. 

    At the Higher Degree level, we offer research programmes leading to the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and Master of Arts (Research), as well as coursework programmes leading to a Master of Arts (Applied Linguistics) and Master of Education (English).


    Humanities and Social Studies Education Academic Group (HSSE)
    The AG is committed to playing a significant role in supporting NIE's vision as a teacher education institute of distinction. Constantly engaging in both educational and discipline-related research to meet the needs of teachers in the knowledge-based economy of the 21st century, the academic group is primarily responsible for the professional preparation and development of teachers in the following subject areas: Primary and Secondary Social Studies, Geography, History, Economics, Elements of Office Administration, and Accounting.


    Learning Sciences and Technologies Academic Group (LST)
    “Learning Sciences and Technologies" is an interdisciplinary academic group which focuses on understanding learning in social-cultural contexts with the goal of designing and integrating learning environments and technologies.

    The AG is concerned with understanding the relationships between theory and practice and adopts a variety of methodologies, including reflection-in-action, action research, and design experiments for the advancement of its research and teaching. We seek to provide a bridge between learning and instructional design, and to mediate the design process as both an art and a science.


    Mathematics and Mathematics Education Academic Group (MME)
    The AG is committed to developing scholars of mathematics and mathematics education professionals. It comprises highly committed and dedicated academics from different backgrounds and experience in mathematics and mathematics education. Apart from constantly seeking new and innovative ways of delivering mathematics content and pedagogy courses in an effort to develop best practices, the AG also engages in research in mathematics education and various fields of mathematics to meet the needs of scholars and teachers within a rapidly changing and increasingly technological environment.


    Natural Sciences and Science Education Academic Group (NSSE)
    The AG integrates several science content and pedagogical disciplines with a strong multidisciplinary approach to teaching and research. With this integration, disciplinary barriers between the sciences and related pedagogies are removed to pave the way for greater interaction and teamwork among academics and students alike.

    Research by biologists, chemists and physicists in the Group is centred on many areas of current cutting-edge science such as agrobiotechnology, plasma physics, biological chemistry and materials science, while the science educators focus mainly on maximising the potential of every child with research on students' learning approaches, problem-solving skills and new pedagogies in science.


    Physical Education and Sports Science Academic Group (PESS)
    The Physical Education and Sports Science (PESS) academic group of the National Institute of Education (NIE) offers a variety of programmes in Physical Education (PE) and Sport Sciences and Management.

    With state-of-the-art facilities and well-qualified local and international academic staff, PESS provides a holistic and unparalleled learning experience that prepares graduate students for career advancements in the field of PE and sport.

    We have three graduate programmes offered to PE and sport professionals who would like to enhance their career and research in the related fields:

    • Master of Science (Exercise and Sport Studies)
    • Master of Science (Research)
    • Doctor of Philosophy


    Policy and Leadership Studies Academic Group (PLS)
    PLS AG aims to contribute to the development of school leaders and teachers by providing a platform for them to discover a nexus of theory and practice and enhance their capacity to take their schools to new heights of excellence.

    Committed to providing insights that may be translated into inputs for policy making and beneficial practices on the ground, PLS AG hopes to prepare school leaders and teachers to meet emerging challenges in education with purpose and confidence.

    PLS AG offers postgraduate programmes at both Master’s (Master of Arts in Educational Management) and Doctoral level (EdD and PhD).


    Psychological Studies Academic Group (PS)
    PS AG has two specialist training programmes:

    1. The MA (Applied Psychology) programme provides graduates with training towards becoming a Registered Psychologist in Singapore;
    2. The MA (Counseling & Guidance) programme is fully certified by the Singapore Association for Counselling as a training programme for Registered Counsellors.

    The AG also has 2 MED programmes with specialties in either Developmental Psychology or Educational Assessment. MED (Developmental Psychology) provides education professionals with in-depth knowledge and understanding of cognitive, social and emotional development. MED (Educational Assessment) provides educators with in-depth training on educational assessment design and evaluation.

    The AG will also provide graduate students’ with opportunities to do multidisciplinary research and practise psychology in education and other applied fields.


    Visual and Performing Arts Academic Group (VPA)
    The Visual and Performing Arts Academic Group (VPA), which comprises skilled faculty in Drama, Music and Visual Art, provides student-teachers with relevant theoretical discussion, engaged artistic practice and innovative arts-based pedagogy for constructing and conducting dynamic learning experiences in arts education. All VPA programmes are designed to equip student-teachers with the knowledge, skills and experience they need to teach, facilitate and steer learning in, through and about the arts. These are done through theoretical seminars, practical workshops, performances and exhibitions, field-work and critical reflection. The aim is to encourage student-teachers to develop a vibrant and cutting-edge landscape of arts education in Singapore schools, incorporating key attributes of thinking and learning that characterize students of the 21st century.

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    By Car

    • Nicoll Highway
    • Raffles Boulevard (from Bras Basah Road)
    • Temasek Avenue (from Raffles Boulevard)
    • Rochor Road exit from East Coast Expressway (ECP)


    By SBS Bus

    Suntec Tower Three
    36, 531

    Suntec Tower Two
    107M, 551, 581, 577

    Suntec Singapore
    36, 70M, 111, 133, 162M, 518, 518A, 700A, 857, 97, 106, 502, 518, 551, 581, 577, 580, 579

    Opposite Suntec Singapore

    Nicoll Highway next to Suntec City Mall
    10, 14, 16, 70, 70M, 196, 541, 547


    By MRT

    While Esplanade station and Promenade station on the Circle Line are linked directly to Suntec City Mall, walk via Raffles City and Esplanade Xchange to get from City Hall MRT station to Suntec.

    Walking Directions:
    From Promenade MRT (3 mins): Take Exit C and enter Suntec City
    From Esplanade MRT (3 mins): Take Exit A and go up the escalator straight ahead (at the entrance of Esplanade Xchange) to Suntec City
    From City Hall MRT (8-10 mins): Turn right after the exit gantries and walk through City Link Mall. Follow the directional signage at the end of the mall to the escalators leading to Suntec City (same exit as from Esplanade MRT)

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    Note: Photographs or video recording will take place at the NIE Postgraduate & Continuing Education Fair 2019 : Learning Differently, Leading Change for corporate purposes. Please indicate if you wish not to be photographed or video recorded at the event at point of registration. For those who do not indicate, it will be registered that you are agreeable to all event photography and filming.