Perry the Pangolin Loses His Way


The goal of this project was to create awareness about endangered animals, namely pangolins. In partnership with Hougang Students Care Service and Cicada Tree Eco-Place, the group designed and carried out lessons on pangolins, with an overarching theme of conservation and respect for the environment. Through the lessons, the student teachers educated kids about the endangered pangolins through employing English language teaching approaches such story-telling about pangolins and the dangers these creatures face due to exploitation by humans.

The group divided themselves into the art group and the project group in the design of their self-created story book. In order to reinforce the message of environmental conservation, all materials used for the story book were recycled materials.

The partner organisation complimented the team as the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves even after the project had ended. The children also learnt essential skills such as effective communication. As the student teachers worked as a team, they came to understand their strengths and weaknesses and importance of offering a helping hand to any group member needed.  More importantly, they had a chance to apply what they learnt in their English Language Curriculum Studies courses and to use the pedagogical knowledge and skills gleaned to help further awareness amongst children about animal conversation.