Wildlife Conservation


The team developed a story book to raise awareness on endangered animals. Using the story book created, a story-telling session was carried out for children aged 6 - 12 years old from Jamiyah Children’s Home.

The team incorporated their ICT (Information and Communication Technology) skills and created a colourful e-book featuring three endangered animals - tapir, polar bear and panda. The use of technology minimized the use of paper, therefore kept the project “green”.

Starting off, the team researched on the writing styles of children’s books, features including fonts and scenarios, as well as the characters to make the story easy to understand and impactful for kids. The team managed to create a lesson plan, which consisted of interesting facts about the animals such as their habitat and what they feed on. The story-telling session was conducted at NIE, where a room was turned into a jungle to set the mood and at one corner, a mini-library was created, furnished with 100 books related to endangered animals which the team had borrowed from the national library. Twenty children from Jamiyah’s Children’s Home attended the activity that included word-hunting where children had to look for answers in books to complete a crossword puzzle. Towards the end of the session, each participant was given a goodie bag with information about endangered species and a link to the e-book to encourage the children to continue to read.

The team inspired the students from Jamiyah Children’s Home to read and  to appreciate wildlife and their habitats. Through the project experience, the team learned valuable life lessons from one another.