Welcome to Centre for Innovation in Learning

We are a dynamic group of specialists who drive technology-enabled learning via the adoption of pedagogical innovations to spearhead the teaching and learning advances of NIE. We provide a spectrum of services to serve NIE's teaching and learning needs.

Our Teams


  Our Learning Designers endeavor to create impactful learning experiences through the application of human-centred design approach and sensible use of data in guiding pedagogical design.                Our Educational Technologists identify the teaching and learning needs, review possible technological options and propose on the best uses of technologies to meet those requirements.

 Our Media Producers serve as collaborative bridges between multiple stakeholders by using their expertise in media production to communicate abstract ideas via the means of audio/visual (AV) medium. 
            Our Interactive Media Designers are conduits between multiple stakeholders in using visualizations as communicative language. 

 The Internet of Things (IoT) team serves to inculcate in students, the sense of inquiry based self-directed learning, by using the affordances of IoT.               Our Application Programmers develop web and mobile applications that support and enhance pedagogical innovations.



Learning and Teaching @ NIE: Principles for Educating Teachers for the 21st Century

“Learning and Teaching @ NIE highlights key characteristics of an effective teacher, principles of learning and elements of engaging learning environments. It serves as a guide for faculty to develop different instructional methods that are supported by authentic learning and learner-centred environments. It is the outcome of the collective expertise and practical wisdom of NIE faculty who contributed to its formulation through many hours of debates and consultations. We will continually update this document as we engage with the rapid advancements in education research in Singapore and internationally as well as teaching and learning affordances.”

Professor Christine Goh

Director, NIE

Teaching and Learning @ NIE Publication Archive