Outreach and Scholarship Programme

The Outreach and Scholarship Programmes (OSP) oversees the NTU-NIE Teaching Scholars Programme and the promotion of Initial Teacher Preparation Programmes (ITP).

The NTU-NIE Teaching Scholars Programme (TSP) is the flagship programme of the office. The role of the unit is to oversee and support the development and review of the various aspects of the TSP programme. This is done in conjunction with internal and external stakeholders, including the Ministry of Education.

OSP is also entrusted to promote and create better awareness of the ITP programmes offered by NIE to potential students. The primary focus is to promote the ITP programmes to teacher aspirants for the Singapore education system. In addition, the unit also oversees the full fee paying scheme where privately funded individuals can apply to the ITP programmes.

OSP is led by Associate Dean, A/P Chow Jia Yi and supported by A/P Suzanne Choo and Mr Eric Yeo, Manager.


Assoc. Prof. CHOW Jia Yi

Associate Dean, Programme & Student Development

CHOO Shen Li Suzanne

Assoc. Prof. CHOO Shen Li Suzanne

Assistant Dean - Degree