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Developing teaching competence through practice

The Practicum (or teaching practice) enables student teachers to acquire beginning teaching competencies and is a core component of every initial teacher preparation programme. During Practicum, student teachers are guided and assisted by their cooperating teachers and NIE supervisors through systematic observations, assistance and advice. They will have opportunities to become involved with and actively participate in all aspects of the school's activities. Through these experiences, they will learn to link theory and practice, and to acquire the understanding and skills necessary for teaching effectively in a range of classroom situations.

Generally, Practicum takes the form of a shorter period of attachment to schools for school experience and teaching assistantship, and another of a longer duration for block teaching. The duration of each of these components varies from programme to programme, and at different stages of the initial teacher preparation. For every practicum, arrangements are made with the schools (with input from MOE) to provide opportunities for the student teachers to teach their subjects of specialisation to intact classes.

The Associate Dean, Practicum & Partnerships (AD/PP) oversees the Practicum and also looks at ways of enhancing communication channels between NIE and schools. The Associate Dean, Professional Practice oversees the e-Portfolio initiative in NIE and Teacher Leadership. 

To find out more about the Practicum for the programme that you are enrolled in, you can visit the Practicum home page.

Associate Dean,
Practicum & Partnerships

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Dr Chia Ti Yong Alexius

Associate Dean, 
Professional Practice

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Dr Chua Bee Leng

Assistant Dean,
Dr Lim Seok Lai

Assistant Dean,
Professional Practice & Inquiry

Assistant Professor
Stefanie Chye

Assistant Dean,
International and School Partnerships

Dr Dawn Ng
Dr Dawn Ng