Leaders in Education Programme

  • The Leaders in Education Programme (previously known as Diploma in Educational Administration programme) has won widespread admiration from educators in many parts of the world. It represents a unique resource investment on the part of Singapore, as the nation's leaders believe that high quality school leadership training, such as this programme provides, will enable its graduates to lead the schools to new realms of educational excellence.

    Each year, we welcome many visitors from overseas to visit us and discuss the approach we take to prepare school leaders through our programme, and a number of foreign educators over the years have joined Singaporeans for the training.

    The programme is a full-time 'state-of-the-art' programme. It is designed for selected education officers and it prepares them for leadership in schools. These selected personnel are experienced and well-qualified educators, with a background of successful experience in both teaching and management.

    The National Institute of Education works in partnership with the Ministry to provide a development platform that prepares educational leaders for the challenges and demands of a fast changing system. Thus, the programme is essentially future-oriented, with an emphasis on leadership capability in a dynamic and complex context.

    Through a process of learning in diverse contexts, including the authentic workplace of the school and international locations, the learning platform addresses a range of issues that are seen as critical to the success of future leadership. They include: futuring designing and managing learning school organisations that can sustain a competitive advantage in a fast-changing and turbulent environment; strategic choice and marketing; innovative communication and information technology; designing an integrative and innovative curriculum in order to achieve excellence in teaching and learning; and building human and intellectual capitals.

    Singapore is seen not only as the hub of educational achievement in South East Asia but also as a leader in educational advancement on the world stage. This programme, in short, seeks to provide the sorts of leaders who will continue to keep Singapore at the cutting edge of knowledge and who will lead their institutions to sustainable success.

  • This is a full time programme of seven months' duration.

  • We offer the following awards to students in recognition for their outstanding performance in the Leaders in Education programme:


    Name of Award


    Criteria for Award


    Dr Ruth Wong Medal

    1 Gold Medal

    One gold medal is awarded to the participant who exemplifies the highest performance in the Creative Action Project (CAP) in the Leaders in Education programme.


    Academy of Principals Prize for Leadership Learning

    Book Prize of $300

    The prize is awarded to the participant who exemplifies the highest level of learning through the journal in the Leaders in Education Programme.


    The Lee Kuan Yew Leaders in Education Programme Award

    A plaque & $1,000 Cash Prize

    The plaque and $1,000 cash prize are awarded to the participant who demonstrates the best overall performance in the Leaders in Education Programme (LEP).

  • Q:

    What are the admission requirements?


    It is for local participants who are mostly senior educators of Singapore schools or from the Ministry of Education. Local applicants are selected by the Ministry of Education.



    How much is the course fees?


    For foreign participants, the tuition fee is approximately S$20,000 per pax.

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