Professional Development Pathways

Professional development pathways through Advanced Postgraduate Diploma and Masters by Coursework programmes

Since April 2013 NIE has introduced new professional development pathways for individuals who wish to pursue their professional development aspirations and receiving recognition for their learning experience.

Overview of Pathways

NIE delivers 29 Masters by coursework programmes and their respective specialisations to MOE and Non-MOE participants.

The pathways describe multiple options for an individual keen on professional learning opportunities at a graduate level (Figure 1). For an individual who wants to develop knowledge and skills through individual courses, there is no need to sign up for any programme first. One can select any number or kind of courses to meet one’s professional needs.


Figure 1: Illustration of existing and additional pathways

For individuals who would like to have their learning experience recognised in applying to a Master’s degree programme, they can do so as soon as they have completed 12 academic units (AUs) of coursework.

Those who do not intend to apply for a Master’s degree can continue taking more courses purely for the purpose of professional development or to work towards accreditation for an Advanced Postgraduate Diploma.

Transfer of AUs into Masters programmes

This pathway encourages individuals who are not ready to commit to applying for a Master programme to have a “sample” of the learning on Master level courses before committing to the full programme.

Individuals who have successfully gained admission into a Master programme, may apply for exemption in coursework of up to an equivalent of 12 AUs, provided that the results from these courses have met the required minimum grades and the 5-year validity period for accreditation and exemption.

An individual, however, cannot be enrolled in both a Master degree and its associated advanced postgraduate diploma programme at the same time.

Award of an Advanced Postgraduate Diploma

To ensure the rigour of the learning experiences on the pathway, all courses taken will have similar expectations in scope and assessment as those in a Master programmes. For an Advanced Postgraduate Diploma to be awarded, the individual should complete the core courses and the specialisation courses for the Masters programme on which it is based and meet the minimum 20 AUs requirement. He/she must also have a final CGPA of 2.0 and the courses must fall within the 5-year validity period for accreditation.

In the case of the Advanced Postgraduate Diplomas based on the Master of Education programme, which has one generic core course (MED 900 Educational Inquiry) across all 16 specialisations, the Advanced Postgraduate Diploma may also be awarded with the completion of only specialisation courses and relevant electives.

Professional Development Pathways Brochure

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