Certificate in Primary English Language Education

  • This certificate programme seeks to develop professional competence and expertise in teaching English Language as an upper primary school subject. It aims to achieve the following objectives:

    a)  to provide teachers with a framework of knowledge and skills in the subject specialisation

    b)  to provide perspectives on the topics and themes in curriculum in the subject specialisation for teachers to reflect, re-examine and refine their classroom and assessment practices.

    Teachers who graduated with a Diploma in Education can use this certificate to gain accreditation towards the Advanced Diploma in Primary English Language Education.

  • The Certificate is for current primary school teachers who hold either a:

    a. Diploma in Education (Dip Ed) 


    b. Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) from NIE or its equivalent.

    To be considered for admission into the Certificate programme, applicants will need to have at least 2 years of teaching experience in the corresponding subject.

  • The Certificate offer courses with 9 AUs in total (all essential). The courses are either 2 or 3 AUs, and are equivalent to 24 or 36 hours of study in the form of lectures, tutorials, activity-based projects, laboratory sessions, directed studies etc.

    These courses are designed to develop teachers’ competencies in the subject matter knowledge and to reflect, re-examine and refine their current classroom instruction and assessment practices, in relation to understanding the corresponding subject matter knowledge. Hence these courses are strongly grounded in the subject matter knowledge of the discipline.

    Courses can be conducted as face-to-face lectures, or through eLearning. However, a maximum of 30% of the total instruction hours of the whole programme will be through eLearning.

    Course Code Title No. of AUs
    IEL4402 Exploring Grammar
    IEL4404 Speaking and Representing, Listening and Viewing
    IEL4405 Reading and Viewing, Writing and Representing
    IEL4406 Text Types

    The courses will level up the English Language (EL) teachers' pedagogical content knowledge and pedagogical skills, which are essential for an EL specialist at the upper primary, particularly with the emphasis on these areas in the MOE STrategies for English Language Learning and Reading (STELLAR) programme. Each course will also examine the related assessment practices based on the subject matter knowledge of the topic.


    A variety of on-going and summative assessment types will be used in the programme.These include lesson plans, resource packages, laboratory reports, class quizzes, class presentation and participation, or a portfolio. Each course will have assessment designed specifically to meet the learning objectives.

    All courses in the programme will also adhere to the NIE policy on assessment, whereby the component on group work should be less than or equal to 30% of the final grade.

    For its course description, please click here.

  • IEL4402 - Exploring Grammar

    This course explores the foundations of English grammar, and is intended for teachers who would like to extend their awareness of how the English language functions. It aims to familiarise course participants with some basic grammatical terminology and to develop some basic skills in language analysis for language teaching purposes. References to common errors made by local students are also made to raise participants’ awareness of the linguistic situation in Singapore. The course will deepen participants' understanding of the basic structure of the English language and equip them with greater confidence in teaching grammar.

    IEL4404 - Speaking and Representing, Listening and Viewing

    This course focuses on engaging children in strategies for literacy development through the use of print and non-print media. Participants will learn how to motivate reluctant learners to engage in literacy experiences for aesthetic and efferent purposes. Participants will also be introduced to classroom-based literacy strategies that focus on developing the skills of speaking, listening, viewing and representing in younger learners.

    IEL4405 - Reading and Viewing, Writing and Representing

    This course will equip teachers with the knowledge of processes and strategies to teach reading and viewing, and writing and representing. Teachers will learn important concepts which underpin language teaching and understand how language is learnt in school so that they will be able to select teaching strategies that are appropriate for the classrooms. Teachers will have the opportunity to apply their learning through practical lesson development, and will be encouraged to reflect on their experiences via the theoretical perspectives highlighted in the course. They will also learn how to use children’s texts and text books

    IEL4406 - Text Types

    This course will equip teachers with the subject knowledge of both fiction and non-fiction text types. Teachers will understand how language is used for different purposes: to entertain, describe, narrate, explain, instruct, persuade and argue. They will analyse both fiction and non-fiction texts and learn how to identify organisational structure, key language features and visuals in these texts. Empowered with the knowledge of different text types in children’s books, they will be able to enhance the (extensive) reading programme in their schools.

  • Application is through the Academy of Singapore Teachers, based on nomination by the school Principal.

    For queries on course administration, please e-mail: inservice@nie.edu.sg