IEC0104 - Read, Feel, and Serve: Scaffolding the Teaching of SEL through Multicultural Picturebooks

  • This 24-hour stand-alone professional learning course aims to empower educators to Read,Feel and Serve. Specifically, it aims to build the capacity of teachers to facilitate the introduction of social and emotional learning (SEL) competencies in the classroom with the aid of authentic, high-quality multicultural picturebooks (MPB). As Singapore is increasingly becoming even more multicultural with the influx of people coming from various parts of the globe, the Ministry of Education calls for the importance of instilling soft-skills to the Singapore youth. Apart from being viewed as a cognitive tool, MPB will be used to facilitate soft-skills training as seen in social and emotional understanding and competencies. It is hoped that through this PD workshop, teachers can have more concrete tools to build a more inclusive community that regards diversity as a lived and felt reality through the use of MPB.

    Learning Dimension: Mastering Self

    1. Read: Increase participants’ repertoire of multicultural reading materials to build capacity in MPB selection. Enable participants to be more reflective about their reading attitudes and behaviours and how these influence their instructional practices.

    2. Feel: Provide teachers with an immersive experience to MPB and assist them in sensitively and accurately identifying the emotions of the characters they read as well as articulate their own affective responses to MPB. Affective regulation skills will be taught to the teachers to enable them to model appropriate behaviours to their own students.

    3. Serve: Provide links between reading SEL-infused MPBs and possible service learning activities that may arise from a more nuanced understanding of themselves and their world.
  • This course is designed to provide a balance of theory and practice to participants, and is meant to be conducted in two different runs with each part running for 2 full days each (total of 4 days in all). The introductory training is designed to: (1) build teachers’ capacity in selecting high quality and authentic MPB through a first-hand immersion with such titles, (2) provide opportunity for teachers to come up with discussion questions and extension activities based on the SEL-themed multicultural text-sets that they will be exposed to during the workshop, (3) inspire teachers to have an aesthetic appreciation of MPB, reflect on their own affective reactions to the books, and see connections between reading, feeling, and serving.

    Participants will be exposed to an average of 25-30 multicultural picturebook titles for each session themed across the five key SEL competencies and given time to read this multicultural text-set with a hands-on workshop for teachers to develop discussion questions and extension learning activities targeting the SEL domains.

  • Educators, Counsellors & Librarians

  • This course is open for customization. The dates and venue can be negotiable.

    Date : (For school to decide)
    Time : 9am - 4pm
    Venue : Can be conducted in schools (or in the National Institute of Education if required)

    Note: NIE reserves the right to change or cancel the course due to unforeseen circumstances.

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    • Non-MOE Participants - $1,413.40 (incl. 7% GST & $1 Copyright Fee)

    Tea refreshments will be provided during the workshop.

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    NIE will acknowledge receipt of the application form through email within one week. The course placement letter will be emailed to applicants who have been successfully placed in a course and upon course confirmation.