IER0007 - Designing and Assessing Students’ Digital Storytelling

  • Emerging new media (e.g., mobile and web-based interactive platforms for creating, sharing, discussing and modifying user-generated content), and the rapidly changing needs and capabilities of students, place rising demands on educators to rethink their classroom practices. But how can we understand and draw on the presence of digital technologies for contemporary meaning-making and communication using a variety of representational formats (e.g., writing, images, gestures and sounds)? Based on the long-standing use of stories in societies and cultures to inform, educate and entertain, this in-service course explores the ground between new media and teaching through a hands-on consideration of the potentials of subject- or topic-based digital storytelling by students.

    Learning Dimensions:

    • Mastering Self 
    • Deepening Knowledge and Practice in Academic Curriculum
    • Demonstrate a working understanding of the affordances of digital storytelling in teaching and learning by:

      1. Designing and making an illustrative subject- or topic-based digital story of professional or personal interest.
      2. (based on #1) Proposing and justifying a form of assessment for digital storytelling using 21st Century skills, practices and dispositions as starting points.
    • The course consists of the following segments; some are input sessions, others are more practically focused. Some background reading is necessary for all classes.

      • Session 1. An introduction to digital storytelling. Benefits, story mapping and the storytelling ‘covenant’.
      • Session 2-3. Meaning making with digital media. Viewing, representing and multimodal communication.
      • Session 4. Assessing multimodal texts. What modes of assessment are possible with new technologies?
      • Sessions 5-6. Project work. Participants work on designing and producing their own digital stories and assessment schemes.
      • Session 7. In-class presentations. Participants share and discuss their digital storytelling projects in relation to the twin course objectives.
    • Individual project work (80%), in-class presentation (20%)

    • All educators teaching Sec or JC levels

    • NIL

    • Date : Weekly. Wednesday or Friday PM. From July 2017 onwards. (This course is opened for customization. Contact us for more details)
      Time : 2.30pm – 5.30pm
      Venue : Respective schools

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